Visualizations for an easier, quicker birth

January 12, 2011

The mind is the control center of the body. It sends electrical impulses through the network of your nervous system, and gives orders to the muscles and organs. What ever the brain tells the body to do, it must do. When you become aware of the power of your brain, you can begin to cultivate its ability to change and control all actions and sensations within your body. Visualizations work by helping you to focus your mind on a specific goal, and then instructing your nerves, cells, tissues, muscles, and organs to act according to that focus. So, when you imagine your pelvic floor relaxing, it will relax. When you imagine your cervix softening and opening, it will begin to soften and open.

Here are two simple but highly effective visualizations to practice during pregnancy. You should have your birth partner or doula read these to you during your labor, while you focus on taking long, smooth breaths in and out through your nose. Let the exhale be as long as the inhale, and relax more and more each time you breathe out. Inhale comfort, and exhale tension.

Then, as your companion reads these short scripts, allow your imagination to become vivid, colorful, and detailed. Just let your mind flow with the visualizations, imagining your birthing muscles opening smoothly and easily.

I suggest you print these out, and bring them to the hospital or birth center.

The Candle

Imagine that your pelvis is a candle with a flame in the middle
As my contractions come, the flame burns brighter.
My body is the wax of the candle, warming and yielding to the flame.
The more I breathe, the brighter the candle burns.
The wax melts and drips with each contraction.
My body becomes looser and opens to the flame.
I see my pelvis becoming soft and warm and pliable.
I breathe. With each contraction, the candle becomes softer.
I melt with the candle.
My breath helps the candle burn brighter, melting quicker.
I remain soft, warm, and yielding.
~ Barbara Harper “Gentle Birth Choices”

The Rose

My cervix is like a rosebud
Ready to Open
I am nurtured by those around me as the rose is nurtured by the soil
The rosebud gradually, ever so softly, opens and blossoms.
I open and blossom.
My cervix is soft and ripe like a rosebud.
I see the outer petals of te rose falling away
I see my cervix yielding like the outer petals of the rose.
Every contraction opens another petal of my rosebud cervix.
I welcome each contraction, which helps me open my rosebud cervix.
I welcome and receive all the nurturing around me, which helps me open.
Just like the warm sun opens the rose, the warmth I receive opens my cervix.
I yield and open.
The rose does not resist.
I open and blossom.
~ Barbara Harper “Gentle Birth Choices”

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