Top Ten Reasons to take Curtis Method hypnobirthing classes

October 15, 2014

The Four Pillars of Curtis Method classes are:

  1. Active Birth
  2. Evidence Based Maternity Care
  3. Hypnotic Anesthesia, Affirmation and Fear Release
  4. Daddy (Partner) – Doula Training

These four pillars create an incredibly strong base for a safe, healthy, positive birth, no matter what turn your birth journey takes.

Our fundamental belief is that every birth is a Love Story, and deserves to be honored and treasured as such.

Our unique approach to Childbirth Hypnosis teaches the mother to use her natural birthing instincts as hypnotic “deepening” triggers. In other words, she learns to use her instinctive sounds, movements, positions and birth choices to deepen her feelings of comfort, relaxation and confidence, and to release her body’s morphine (endorphins) at will.

Why should you choose Curtis Method hypnobirthing classes?

10. Because we show you how to get mama’s endorphins (nature’s pain-relievers) and oxytocin (the love hormone) flowing by practicing Labor Massage! It feels really, really good. And then we assign it as homework…



9. Because we teach powerful breathing techniques, based on yogic breathing practices, shown to create calm, reduce stress and fear, and increase the comfort of birth. NO huffing and puffing required!



8. Because the Shoulder Press rules! It’s like an instant birth relaxation “button”. It works before and after the birth, too, to help you release stress, fear, and tension.



7. Because our Hypnotic Anesthesia script is amazingly effective at relieving the aches and pains of pregnancy. AND it can help you release your own natural anesthesia (endorphins) during labor, while turning “off” sensations of discomfort or tension in the body.



6. Because we teach you how to deepen your relaxation and comfort by doing something incredibly simple… following your birthing instincts! Opening and closing your eyes… swaying your hips… walking… sighing… groaning… whatever feels wonderful, work it!!!



5. Because part of birthing without fear is learning how to think. Confident Childbirth Affirmations and Fear Release sessions will enable you to re-train your brain to think positively about birth.



4.  Because we can help you get your baby into the best position for birthing. It’s called Optimal Fetal Positioning… and it can shave hours off your labor.



3. Because we are committed to teaching our couples Evidence Based Maternity Practices and educate you about all of your birth choices. If you don’t know your options, you don’t have any! This is a comprehensive childbirth education class. An educated couple is a formidable team in the birth room.



2. Because our birth companions leave class knowing exactly how to support the birthing mother. Our Daddy Doula Training / Birth Rehearsal night is a favorite around here! We teach our dads and partners all of our best doula-secrets, including acupressure, counter-pressure, massage, birthing positions, how to use a birth ball, rebozo jiggling (don’t laugh, it’s awesome!), aromatherapy for labor, and techniques for relieving/preventing back labor (The Belly Lift works like magic!



1. Because we know that every birth is a Love Story…




and that’s what really matters…

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