Testimonials from Hypnobirthing Utah Parents




Meet my Christmas baby. Reddick Vivek Cerar. Born peacefully at home after six hours of painless labor. It was the most divine experience of my life. I had a natural birth, but I feel weird saying I had an unmedicated birth — I was medicated, by my body’s own oxytocin and endorphins.I went from being petrified OUT OF MY MIND regarding childbirth, to having a orgasmic homebirth. So, I am here to say, transforming your fears into confidence and power CAN BE DONE!!! I did Lauralyn’s directed meditations and affirmations, and I knew I had broken through to my subconscious and healed the fear of childbirth when weeks before I gave birth I started having dreams of having an amazing calm, powerful birth. That was really exciting for me, and gave me peace. I hired an amazing midwife, who I KNEW would keep me safe, and an amazing hypnodoula who I KNEW would take care of me, and keep my birthing space sacred. My husband and I also met with Lauralyn a couple weeks before our baby was born, and did a fear release and bonding session with out baby. It was amazing and we all cried. ~Liybie

“As a first time mom, who knew nothing about what I was doing, I am so grateful that I took Lauralyn’s class to prepare me for my dream natural water birth. The class came as not just highly recommended, but as an absolute must-take by my sister, who used the Curtis Method to have two natural, unmedicated, amazing births. I had already listened to multiple books on tape about Hypnobirthing and was hesitant to spend money and time on a class, because I felt that I was sufficiently prepared, but boy was I wrong! There was an incredible amount of information that I had no idea about but absolutely needed to know to rock my natural birth. I totally fell in love with Lauralyn’s personality and style of teaching too…she is just such a real, no-nonsense powerful, fun and engaging presence that is perfect for presenting serious, sometimes gross information in a funny and easy to digest way (especially for the dads). My baby daddy and I looked forward to each class every week. The parts that I found to be most helpful were the hands on explanations of the physiology of birth, experiential practices of talking about our fears, breathing and relaxing, how the dad can help and participate, the stages of labor, understanding the truth behind common medical interventions and practicing declining them to the medical staff, the ability to ask questions about things that were confusing to me, a collection of hypnobirthing meditations that I listened to at home and so so so much more. This class was worth every penny and minute that I invested into it. When time came to go into labor, I felt so empowered and prepared and was totally able to rock the birth of my dreams in a natural, unmedicated, sacred way. The dad also had so much more understanding and know how to support me and the baby in the most perfect way. Thanks to Lauralyn, we both recognized the different stages of what my body was going through and knew that it was normal, necessary and to embrace them, instead of being freaked out by them. My baby was born super healthy and happy thanks to me feeling empowered as a woman to trust my own body to do what it was designed to do and the Curtis Hypnobirthing method was a huge part of that! Thank you Lauralyn for the badass that you are and helping women believe in themselves! I now recommend this class to every pregnant woman I know as a necessary step in preparation for an empowered birth experience, whatever that may look like for them.”


“I got on my birthing ball and, feeling so determined to move that head down and break that water and get things to pick up, I DANCED and SWAYED and BOUNCED and SPIRALED through that next wave with all my energy and might… The waves were stronger and I moved intuitively through them, swaying my hips. The water helped relieve a lot of the pressure. I was surrounded by loving hands holding me up, squeezing my hips, massaging my arms, holding my hand. I felt so incredibly loved and supported. I was surrounded by peaceful sounds. I had a hypnobirthing track on that helped me sleep between these powerful waves even when I was nearing transition. Rachelle was drumming quietly, the methodic beating bringing me deeper and deeper into relaxation… Before the next contraction came I took a moment to feel her head and in my head and heart communicate to her how excited I was to meet her and invite her to gently come out and greet me and her daddy and the world whenever she was ready. The next wave came and I breathed through it just as I had every contraction I’d had so far. I didn’t even push! I had my hands on her head still and felt it come out. I couldn’t believe it! She was out already! The rest of her body slid out and I lifted her out of the water and up to my chest. I cuddled our sweet baby and looked at Clarke in shock. I couldn’t believe how quickly she had come! She was so perfect and beautiful!” ~Cheryl


“I labored exactly how I wanted, at home and arriving at the hospital in time to just deliver my baby boy without any interventions. At no point did I experience pain that I felt I couldn’t handle and needed drugs for. I just felt pressure and tightening, all of which I could handle. I never got an IV or Heplock or drugs of any kind. The birth really couldn’t have gone any better. I loved it and am definitely going to do Hypnobirthing again. Even though the labor was 9 hours, I am grateful to have experienced and felt every minute of it and hope that I never forget it. I am now a Hypnobirthing enthusiast. It’s been really enjoyable spreading the word about Hypnobirthing Utah, but it’s been even more enjoyable to tell the doubters that it’s possible to have a natural birth and to even LOVE it! Not only was it good for me, it was good for my baby.” ~Erin


“The birth went exactly as we dreamed it would.  It was the most perfect, gentle birth anyone could ask for! I was able to stay so relaxed that I was still a little out of it and kept asking Russ, “Is she really here?!”  Fair warning to anyone who talks to me in the next few months: I will TRY to not preach your ear off about Hypnobirthing Utah, but I can’t promise anything! It was so amazing, so beautiful, and really…. so easy. It was just so relaxed and un-traumatic that even only an hour later I could remember it being intense, but really not even believing it had happened and just talking with Russ about how easy it was. I think Hypnobirthing should be a REQUIRED course for every expecting family, that’s just all there is to it!” ~Michelle


“My absolutely incredible little man was born this morning. Perfection. It was such an amazing birth, only 5 hours of labor, and caught by his dada in the water. Thank you Lauralyn Curtis and the Hypnobirthing Utah community. I couldn’t have asked for better training or a more unbelievable experience.” ~Abby


“My husband Cory and I took Laura Curtis’ Hypnobirthing class around 12 weeks into pregnancy. It was great getting information through my whole pregnancy and I am so glad I started that early. It gave me a huge head start to research and change my mind as many times as I wanted to.It was a perfect night that went exactly how I had always imagined it. My birthing time was completely magical and I wish every woman were able to experience birth in its most raw intimate form. There is a bond and security that can never be broken or forgotten with my husband after this night.” ~Raquel

Lauralyn Curtis thank you so much for your wonderful Hypnobirthing instruction. It helped make my hospital birth the natural birth I had dreamed of. It never once occurred to me to ask for pain medication throughout my 18 hour labor – the thought literally never entered my mind. I had a great doula, an amazingly supportive husband and a wonderful team of midwives that went to bat for me when the attending physician was getting antsy. I knew I wanted a natural birth because it was best for baby, but was initially intimidated by the idea! Thank you for helping me prepare, trust my body and embrace the power of the process. I’m still a little amazed by what I did.” ~Kate

“I am so happy with how the labor turned out and so glad we did it this way. I appreciated the classes we took at Hypnobirthing Utah, because I knew how to breathe through the stress and Glenn knew exactly how to support me.  After the birth I was so excited and happy. They kept asking me my pain level. I kept thinking “What? What pain level? I just had a baby, I am so so excited, I am not in pain.” I never really hit high pain levels. I was full of energy and happy. This last week has been my best recovery I have ever had from having a baby. ~April


“I remember most the feeling of calm that was in the room as I was giving birth. There was no fear. My husband and I both were so calm. It was such a personal, bonding experience. I was so thankful for Lauralyn’s Hypnobirthing classes that had taught me what to expect. The whole thing was so fast (32 minutes from start to finish!) However, I knew that I was prepared. I remember my husband saying over and over to me while I was breathing and birthing, “You can do this. You are amazing. You know how to do this. You are ready. You can do this!” Because of Hypnobirthing, I knew how to breath through my surges. I knew what to expect from my body and I knew that my body was made for this!” ~Laura E.


“Apparently hypnobirthing really worked for me! I was completely relaxed and without fear allowing me to progress naturally through the night without pain.  Labor was 1 hour and 22 minutes. After his birth, Alexander pushed himself up to self attach for breastfeeding. With an epidural or other anesthesia, babies aren’t able to do that. Overall it was an incredible experience and I’m so grateful I was able to give Alexander the best start in life I possibly could.” ~ Crystal


“I got up onto my hands and knees and started pushing. Every surge felt incredible! I was laughing through and talking and breathing between my surges. I had long breaks between pushes and it was easy to manage, but still a lot of work. I felt very present and acutely aware of my body. At the moment he was passed under my body and into my arms I felt an incredible shift. I felt centered, accomplished, connected, vulnerable, honest, proud empowered and completely in love.” ~Kayleigh


“I’m so grateful we took the Hypnobirthing class from Laura, because it helped me to have the kind of birth I wanted. I was so grateful for my husband. I truly couldn’t have done it without him. He was absolutely perfect – helping me to stay calm, reassuring me that I was doing well and that I could do it, rubbing my back, whatever I needed. He knew just what to do without having to be told, and I was reminded of just how perfect he is for me.” ~ Ashley

“My daughter was born alert, and immediately began to breastfeed.  The nurse said to us that our birth was the coolest thing she had ever seen, that she had never seen anyone so relaxed and calm during birth before, and that she wished she had videotaped it so that she could show others how neat it was. And many nurses came up to me afterward and told me that they had heard about how great my birth had been. ” ~ Terra

“We took our Hypnobirthing class from Lauralyn Curtis, and learned relaxation and breathing techniques, as well as visualization methods. We practiced scripts that would help her visualize things to think about other than labor pains, and I also learned some touch massage techniques. Anyway, it worked really well! I took a picture during labor that shows her in the middle of a contraction, looking like she’s asleep, but you’ll notice the ear buds because she is listening to the hypnobirthing scripts on the iPod. I was really proud of her—she was amazing! In fact, the nurse midwife came in at one point and told me how amazed she was at how well Steph was doing as she was asleep on the hospital bed in between contractions.”  ~Rick and Stephanie


“We took classes from Laura Curtis at Hypnobirthing Utah. They were so fun and I learned so much about childbirth. I gained a whole new confidence in my physical body and my own mental powers. I was looking forward to my upcoming labor with excitement. During labor, everything was very manageable. During surges I would just tell myself over and over, “it’s not pain, its pressure, good pressure, the baby is coming down, this is good pressure,” and really focus on my breathing. Sometimes the sensations were even enjoyable because I knew that Ada was coming closer to me. I felt very in control. Delivering Ada was probably one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Everything went so perfectly. I can’t wait to share this birth experience with my own daughters one day so that they can have the same confidence in their own bodies. We women truly have amazing bodies!” ~Jaclyn


“Everything was progressing just like an ideal hypnobirth.  I frequently went to the bathroom and drank a ton of water.  When my surges started to get to where it was harder to relax and focus through them, I decided  I wanted deep massage. Darren and my mom each massaged my legs and arms – it felt great.  I was able to relax more through my surges. The skills Darren and I were taught in Lauralyn Curtis’s Hypnobirthing class were immensely helpful, and I gained new insights about myself, womanhood, and childbirth. I worked hard all through labor to not use the words “pain” or “hurt” because I didn’t want to dwell on that aspect… I felt that if I said those words or heard others use them, that it would make things worse, as that is what I would focus on, instead of relaxing through the pain – of letting go and surrendering to my body. Although I felt more pain during childbirth than at any other point in my life, it was very short-lived and I recovered quickly – a testimony that my body was created for the purpose of bearing children.” ~Accalia


“I am so glad we took the class–not only was Lauralyn an amazing teacher, but the information covered in the class prepared me to give birth without fear. It separates cultural perceptions and traditions about birth from what women are and have always able to do when they are given support and no one interferes with them. It taught me to relax during labor. The techniques I learned manifested themselves in a different way than I had expected, but they worked for me and while I don’t know if I would describe my birth as “comfortable,” it was manageable and I felt confident through most of it. It was HARD—definitely the hardest physical challenge I have ever endured—but oh, how grateful I am that I went through it! I had the ineffably powerful experience of surrendering in ways I never had, finding out I was stronger than I thought I could be.” ~Rachel


“I knew I wanted to do Hypnobirthing again (I adopted the breathing techniques from the book the first time around, but wanted a more in depth experience). A quick google search turned up Hypnobirthing Utah. By reading the testimonials, I knew this was the right choice for me. I took the classes, met some wonderful people, and practiced almost every night leading up to my labor. While breathing the baby down, I was much more vocal than I thought I would be, but I did what felt natural. It was minutes later that I started feeling the pressure of my baby’s head. She was coming fast and I knew that if I didn’t want to tear, I would have to slow her down. So I was breathing in short, quick breaths trying to slow down that extra energy that was making her come so fast, but she kept on coming. All the hypnobirthing techniques paid off because I didn’t tear! WOOHOO!” ~Candace


“When I’d start to surge I’d just stop, drop my head back and take in my deep breaths and let my body do its thing, while I listened to my hypno-birthing practitioner, Lauralyn Curtis’s CD. Her voice was so calming and relaxing to me. Whenever I’d hear another relaxation CD come on, I’d say, “turn it back to Laura’s”. I didn’t even really know Jaxton’s head had come out yet and within seconds someone was saying, “Emily, reach your hands down and get him, he’s here.” I reached my hands down and there was my baby, boy. He was absolutely perfect and beautiful. My body was filled with an amazing amount of love for my child that I had longed to hold in my arms for so many months and that time had come. This was by far the best birth experience I have had, and I am so grateful that I trusted my body and had people at my birth who also trusted my body. I was able to labor the way I wanted to and I am so extremely grateful for that, because it made birthing Jaxton not scary. It was incredibly beautiful and intimate.” ~Emily

“At 12:13pm, with a huge gasp of relief, I birthed my baby boy, Ty Robert Shroyer. He made his grand entrance into the world like a slippery wet fish, just as I had imagined! He was 7lbs, 1 oz, 20 inches long, and completely perfect! I was elated that I had birthed my baby completely un-medicated without any tearing! I could not wait to tell my story!” ~Jill


“We decided to sign up for a Hynobirthing class with Lauralyn Curtis. Mike & I were fascinated with all we had learned & decided immediately this was the route we were going to take.  I am so glad Mike was on board because when I first mentioned to him about natural birth he was not so sure.  The class opened our eyes to the way birth could be. My surges were strong! I tried to concentrate on The Birth Year tracks playing.  I was listening to my body.  It was time to push.  I felt nervous to push but knew that the sooner my little girl was here the sooner I would feel better.  I breathed her down with every surge.  Little by little I could feel her getting closer.  I could feel the ring of fire as her head started to come.  My body stopped surging for what felt like a lifetime.  I tried not to move while I waited.  Finally, a surge came and I breathed her little body out of me. My baby was laid on my chest.  I could not believe she was here!  She was perfect!”  ~Aja


My contractions started to get uncomfortable, and I started using my surge breathing techniques I had learned through Lauralyn’s hypnobirthing classes. Robbie helped me breathe through each surge and I concentrated on relaxing my body. I listened to my body with every surge and reminded myself how important it was that I release any tension and let my body take over. As my contractions were getting stronger and closer together, my midwife suggested I get in the tub to help me relax even more. I got in the tub and honestly, I can’t remember ever being more relaxed in my entire life. Robbie stayed by my side and poured water over my stomach over and over again. I continued to use my surge breathing through each contraction. My whole body felt so loose and relaxed- I even fell asleep for a little while. I pushed for half an hour before Lauren was born. I listened to and worked with my body and it felt amazing. I felt strong. It was the most incredibly intense and amazing experience. Painful? Sure. But it was a good pain. It felt purposeful. There is not a single moment of birthing Lauren that I would change. Her wonderful entry into this world has changed me forever, and I love her more than words will ever say.” ~Ashlee


“As soon as I really started doing the hypnobirthing breathing and calmed down the baby calmed down also. It was amazing. I’m not going to say that it did not hurt but it was not an unbearable pain. If I really tried to focus only on my hypnobirthing it was so much better. I really feel like it works. At some points I felt like I was not even there. I feel like it was so much better to have had my daughter naturally. I would not have a baby any other way. It was amazing and I feel like it brought Steve and I closer. I love them both so much. All and all I was in labor for 12 hours and did not have any ‘pain medication and I did not tear.”  ~Alycia


“Pushing was awesome. I knew he was so close to being in my arms and on top of that it really did feel so good to push! Never thought I would say that, but it really did! I felt my baby come out of my body and straight into my arms! 7lbs 4 oz Gray Noble was here! It was such an amazing feeling. I seriously can’t wait to do it again! Although things happened that weren’t my ideal birth plans, I still feel like I had an amazing birth. I wouldn’t change anything. Gray was so calm and beautiful. I can’t describe how awesome the feeling is of actually FEELING your baby coming to you! Our bodies really can do it!I am so amazed at how relaxed I was able to feel. I listened to the relaxation recordings on repeat for the whole birth. I can honestly say I could not have done what I did without the methods I learned from our hypnobirthing class with Lauralyn.” ~Marissa


“It all happened so fast. It was the biggest rush of my whole life, endorphins were spilling over, a total high. I kept saying things like, “Oh, my baby, my baby.” It was just a feeling of intense happiness, like nothing I have ever felt before. I had never worked so hard for something, nor have I ever loved someone so intensely and so quickly. The only word that seems to come close to the feeling is euphoria. It was such a tender, loving and intense feeling! I was surprised how quick I was back on my feet. The euphoria lasted for about five days, it was the biggest high of my life. I am so glad that we chose to deliver him naturally using the Hypnobirthing we learned from Laura Curtis, and that we created the birth atmosphere that we wanted for our sweet angel.”  ~Holly


“This week has been a whirlwind of emotions and new experiences. I feel so blessed that I have a healthy baby and that my body was able to perform the work I knew it could to get her to me. I am so glad I used Hypnobirthing to help me prepare to deliver her naturally, because it helped me accomplish my task. I am so grateful I was able to feel just how powerful our bodies are. The experience I had was the most epic of my life, and I am so glad I did it naturally.”  ~Mackenzie


“Then it happened so fast…with 2 surges I had her head fully out and then just one more push and she was here! On my chest before I could even catch my breath, crying instantly so healthy and pure. She was perfect and beautiful, more than I could have imagined, overwhelmed with joy. I don’t remember the sounds around us, just us….Darren right next to me, all 3 of our heads together in cloud of happiness. I had been so nervous about this moment, wanting to make sure we had our opportunity to bond, and it was more than I could have expected. I just held her and watched her so intently, taking in all her perfection…sweet Evelyn. These moments are also special in my memory – I am so grateful that my doctor, my doula Lauralyn, the hospital, and most of all my husband supported this journey.” ~Christina

“Just wanted to say “thank you” to Lauralyn Curtis for teaching me about hypnobirthing! I was able to birth my 2nd son without any pain medication. Honestly, I never needed it! It was such an incredible experience to birth without fear and stand up for myself and my baby. My baby was born at 36 weeks in a hospital. He was a little over 5 pounds and 17 inches long. We are so blessed that he wasn’t born with any medical problems! Thank-you, Lauralyn, for helping me gain the confidence I needed to have such an amazing birth experience!” ~Brigette
Adilyn Grace

Thanks for all the help with the Hypnobirthing classes, Lauralyn… I spent 90 percent of my labor alone in my own bathtub pretty much in denial that I was actually in labor because I just thought it would feel different, maybe more painful but really my back just ached.  We barely made it to the hospital and our sweet one was here! Anyway, I’m so grateful for what you are teaching women so our little ones can enter the world more alert.” ~Lauren


“Ever since I was young, I always knew I wanted to have a natural childbirth. So when I got pregnant, my husband and I began to research natural childbirth methods. I then learned about Hypnobirthing from Laura Curtis, and it changed my pregnancy, and my life. I was so confident that everything would go perfectly. The midwife checked me during labor and said, “Wow I’m so impressed by you! You’re at an 8 and you are so quiet!” It was complete euphoria. I birthed the placenta easily and sat in the tub while the cord pulsated. Ivan cut the cord when it was time and he held our precious Ivy while the midwives helped me to the bed.  It was beautiful to breastfeed my daughter with my husband at my side–truly a dream. I feel so grateful that I was able to do a natural birth and that everything went so well and so quickly.” ~Nikki


“When people ask me about my birth, I tell them I loved everything about it.  It brought Brenan and I even closer and I love him so much for the wonderful strength he was for me in the end.  Quite often people say I was “lucky” when I tell them how much I enjoyed my “labor,” but the truth is, I wasn’t lucky, I was simply prepared.” ~Shannon


“I’m so grateful for my birth experience and for the things I learned in the Hypnobirthing Utah classes. I didn’t really get to use the scripts because everything happened so fast, but the affirmations played in the background as I labored and reminded me of everything I learned and believed. The most important part was that I knew how to breathe calmly. I remember laughing and crying as the oxytocin flooded my body. I did it! I couldn’t believe how incredibly fast the labor was, but it was done and I did it exactly as I planned: naturally and in my own home.” ~Emilie


“There was an immediate feeling of happiness and relief as they placed Lindsay on my chest.  I couldn’t believe that it was all over and she was there in my arms.  Everything had gone so quickly and smoothly in comparison to my first labor. We had arrived at the hospital at 7 am and Lindsay was born at 8:15 am.  The nurses commented on how Lindsay was pink all over. She didn’t look like a newborn because she just didn’t look at all traumatized.   I was so proud of my new daughter and so happy that she was here safely.  And I was very happy with how smoothly my labor went.  I felt like my delivery and my recovery couldn’t have been much better than this experience was, and that taking Lauralyn Curtis’s hypnobirthing class gave me the confidence to have a baby without an epidural.” ~Phoebe


“My husband couldn’t stop smiling, literally a giant ear to ear smile and constant exclamations of things like “WE DID IT!” “THAT WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING” “THAT WENT WAY BETTER THAN I COULD HAVE EVER IMAGINED IT GOING!” I, on the other hand, wanted nothing more than to soak up this moment in time, this moment that I had been dreaming of for years, this moment right before me! It’s absolutely incredible the healing this birth has done for me. I wish I had done more healing before his birth, but am so thankful for the process that lead me to this moment. I am beyond thankful for this experience and I feel it has changed me as a person. Not the everyday me….not even the sometimes me, but it has challenged my perception of my body and its ability, and for that I am incredibly thankful! I will never aspire to run a marathon, heck, I won’t even attempt to run a mile, but the fact that my body and this beautiful baby were able to accomplish so much stands as a great accomplishment. What a blessing, what an absolute amazing and intense experience, with the most marvelous gift at the end!”  ~Jennifer


“As soon as he was out, I reached down to take him in my arms. I definitely felt a wonderful rush of hormones in those first few hours. I was in awe. It felt surreal; after all the labor he and I had gone through, after nine months of preparation, he was finally in my arms. It felt like a dream, like it wasn’t really happening to me. I am grateful for the education and relaxation preparation we learned in Hypnobirthing. Again, I’m just amazed that I could naturally and, for the most part, calmly labor for so long. I didn’t think that was possible several months ago. Now, I know that women and babies are designed to birth, even when it’s slow and long.” ~Becci

jamie's birth

“I was so thankful for the skills I had learned during our Hypnobirthing class with Lauralyn, because this is where I really just “tuned into my body” and tuned everything else out. I was half asleep and singing in my head and really just excited to finally be getting closer to having my baby in my arms. My midwife arrived at the hospital about 15 minutes before McKay was born. I pushed during three contractions and he was out!”  ~Jamie

“The Hypnobirthing techniques I’d learned in Laura’s class became a lifeline as my body continued to change and open. My key word changed from the word “peace” to the word “open” as things progressed. I kept chanting inside my head with each surge breath, “open, open, open.” It seemed to make the difference between me losing control and staying down in my self-­‐ hypnosis. I was surrounded with support throughout my labor. Whenever a surge began and I begin to moan, I’d feel hands pressing against the pressure points on my hips, fingers stroking my arms and forehead, and hear other voices join me in a chorus. To be surrounded by that much love and support must surely be rare indeed.”  ~Kelsy Hinton


“Kip held me and proclaimed, “Honey, I can see her head! She has dark hair!” I smiled and gave the next surge all I had. The midwife told me to reach down and touch my baby’s tiny head. With one final breath, my baby slipped out into the arms of her daddy. My sweet little girl hardly made a few whimpers—no crying, no screaming. I couldn’t believe it. There she was, her tiny little body and dark eyes wide open. I did it! Through tears and shaking hands I exclaimed, “My baby! Hi baby! Hi sweetheart! It’s me—mommy is here!”No words can describe that moment. I reached down to hold her while they wiped her clean. They didn’t take her away from me, and that’s how it should be. I brought her to my chest, and Kip and I had time alone with our precious little one—our little Cielle Rose. It had been 15 minutes from the time we pulled into the Birth Center to the time Cielle came into the world. Labor time? 4 hours.”  ~Kira


“The pride on my husband’s face and his big smile and encouragement was enough to keep me going. I began to feel the pressure of Chloe’s head and, despite the midwife telling me it was still too soon, I began bearing down. I was tired of listening to her so I listened to my husband and my body instead. After a few more contractions I reached down and felt the top of my little girl’s head! I don’t think I felt much pain or discomfort after that. The rush of feeling her there and knowing she was so close to being in my arms helped me re-focus on getting her here.”  ~Devin

brand new

As soon as I started Hypnobirthing classes I felt like a whole new world opened up to me about my body, it’s capabilities and my options and rights as far as birthing goes. My teacher Lauralyn Curtis was so open and honest, without ever making me feel dumb or self conscious about the choices I did want to make. I walked in to the hospital laughing. telling the nurses I would like to be rolled into my room because every time I took a step a little more water came out. They were all amazed I could be at a 6 and 90% effaced and I was walking into labor and delivery with a smile on my face.  How could I not be smiling though?  I was about to have my baby and that alone was anesthesia enough!”  ~Carleigh


“So from the time I went to the hospital to when baby was born: 3.5 hours.  You could say fast! It was so great though.  I felt incredible and loved being so coherent through everything. The question everyone asks me since I did Hypnobirthing with no medication…was there pain? Psh, sure.  I guess you could call it pain.  I never considered it that way though.  It was pressure to me, and it was just what I wanted to feel.  I knew my body could birth my baby and I wanted to feel everything I was supposed to feel, and I believe I did just that.  It was amazing and I am so happy. It really was such a special, spiritual experience and I could not have asked for a better pregnancy, labor, or delivery.  I will cherish the memories forever.”  ~Kristin

“Lauralyn, my husband and I are both so glad that we took your class. I felt like the prep work that we put in was SO worth it! It’s been over six months and I am still in complete awe of the entire experience. I felt like the hypnobirthing prep really gave me so much more confidence in myself and in what my body was capable of doing. I was in labor for only about 8 hours and I won’t lie, the contractions felt so strong! I definitely got to a point when I really thought that I might no be able to go any longer (just like you said), but it wasn’t too long after that it all changed and I knew it was time for him to come. I am so impressed by how distinct that change was, there was no question that my body knew exactly what I needed to do. I am so glad that I went unmedicated because that “urge to push” was the most unreal feeling! I am still blown away by the whole birthing experience, those 30-40 minutes leading up to when he was born were especially amazing. I was able to relax and listen to my body and let it happen. I think that the hypnobirthing really helped our baby as well. He was just over 7 lbs and just perfect. The delivery nurse said that he scored a perfect 10 on the apgar scale, and that she’d only seen 1-2 other babies do that well in her entire career (I know it’s kind of an arbitrary number, but I like to think that the peaceful birth had something to do with it) I just wanted to thank you for the role that you played in it, you’re so great! ~Candace


I could feel the head coming down and had this huge surge of energy from realizing that I was going to meet my baby soon and felt the contractions change from the crazy intense transition surges to pushing the baby down surges. I had the thought that maybe I should not do anything until the midwife got there, but I felt so confident and comfortable with what was happening, that I knew it was okay for me to go ahead and just do my thing (not that I could really stop it at that point). It felt great! I so had this! I felt the baby’s head and got the uncontrollable urge to bear down. I got pretty vocal, but I was in complete control and very aware of where the baby was and what I needed to do. I was so excited about birthing the baby that it was hard to not go crazy on the pushing and wait for my body to be ready to birth her. I pushed during a couple contractions and knew she was moving down fast. I felt burning in one spot, so I slowed down, applied counter pressure, and then with one last push, I birthed the head. It was so exhilarating! Mel and I touched the tiny ears and head of hair, then I felt uncomfortable and thought “where’s the next contraction? I want this baby out!” One more push, and the baby was here!! Mel and I just stared at her and each other in disbelief and awe, our baby was here! She was perfect! We birthed her by ourselves! I felt wonderful and was so exhilarated by what I’d just experienced. It was such a wonderful experience! I’m still in awe over how empowering it was and I want to thank Lauralyn for being an amazing teacher and sharing such an amazing tool with moms looking for a natural, healthy, positive birthing experience! You rock! Hypnobirthing rocks! ~Ashley


In our second trimester, we took a Hypnobirthing class with Lauralyn Curtis that changed my expectations about birthing and gave me confidence and strength in my birthing plan, even when people around me doubted me. I took breastfeeding, newborn care and Comfort measures classes. I read Ina Mays, ‘Guide to Childbirth’, that made me feel loved and supported about my decision about my all natural birthing plans. ~Arvilla Morett

“This class was awesome!!! My husband and I haven’t stopped talking about it. The class space was awesome, and so were you Lauralyn! We can’t wait for class #2! You are SO good at what you do. I know my husband was hesitant at first about Hypnobirthing, but during class I saw his eyes light up and he even told me how cool the information was. He is more excited than ever about this decision and even wants to catch our baby girl when she’s born. He’s really excited to support and protect me through it all. After one class you have already brought us closer. Thank you! I know it’s only going to bring us even closer each day as we work together through this. I can’t thank you enough!” ~Ashlee

“Just a shout-out to all expecting moms AND dads: My hubby and I attended Lauralyn Curtis’s Childbirth Education Class, and both of us walked away with more knowledge and power for our baby #6 than we did with all previous 5 babies combined! HIGHLY, HIGHLY encourage ALL to take this class. It is WELL worth your time and money.” ~LaReita

“I took Lauralyn’s class for my first birth and was so glad. She gives a lot of really good information and gives you the information and articles she’s found, and then lets you make your own decisions. I’m taking Laura’s class again with my second baby because I wanted to learn the techniques again after having my own birth experience to make mental connections to. I’m so glad I’m taking the class again! A lot of things make more sense now that I’ve had my own birth experience to connect it to. Plus Laura always continues to learn and get better more up-to-date information, and her class shows that continued effort to give the best information that’s out there. The Facebook group is an awesome group of highly informed and supportive moms who don’t judge you even if you make different choices than they did. They are always willing to give you the benefit of their experiences and share appropriate, high quality articles when applicable.” ~Celeste

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