Ten Ways to Achieve a Successful HypnoBirth

July 9, 2011

The large majority of women who prepare for labor with the HypnoBirthing method will achieve an easier, more comfortable birth for themselves and their babies. These women cite several common key factors which enabled them to create their best birth experience:

  1. “I searched until I found a midwife or doctor who would honor my request for a peaceful, non-interventionist birth. I was willing to change care providers, even late in pregnancy, if I felt uncomfortable with what I was hearing from the provider. I recognize that I am in charge of my birth, and that my care provider works for me.”
  2. “I discussed my birth preferences early and often with my chosen care provider. I planned my birth with as much care, thought, and joy as I planned my wedding.”
  3. “I thoroughly embraced the understanding that birth is normal, natural, and healthy. I trusted my baby and my body, instead of surrendering that trust to someone else.”
  4. “I immediately dismissed negative thoughts, images, or conversations that could interfere with my birthing confidence. I chose to remain upbeat, rather than uptight.”
  5. “I recognized that good nutrition and hydration are essential for a healthy birth. I carefully followed the nutritional guidelines, avoiding late term complications such as high blood pressure, pre-eclampsia, low amniotic fluid, and gestational diabetes. I ate lightly and stayed hydrated throughout labor, to give my body plenty of energy to do its work.”
  6. “I did not depend on finding time to practice; I made time to practice and perfect the deep relaxation and breathing techniques regularly, conditioning my mind and body. I listened faithfully to the relaxation CDs and made relaxation a part of my daily life.”
  7. “I was continuously aware that the postures I adopted during pregnancy and birth had a vital effect on my baby’s birth positioning. I avoided laying on my back, reclining on the couch, and slumping in bucket seats. I made my belly a ‘hammock’ for baby to rest in.”
  8. “I recognized that it is more important to be a good parent than a good patient. I took the time to educate myself about my birth choices.”
  9. “I reclaimed and maintained ownership of my birth. I was informed, empowered, prepared, and confident instead of obedient. ”
  10. “Together with my companion, we created a birth environment that was quiet, intimate, private, patient, encouraging, with dim lighting and soft music. Anyone who entered my birthing space was required to respect the sacred, intimate nature of our birth.”

HypnoBirthing Works if you Work it!

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