gloria lemay

The Fetus Ejection Reflex

October 4, 2010

The article Pushing for First-Time Moms, written by midwife Gloria Lemay, is one of the best I have ever read about the second (or pushing) phase of labor. In HypnoBirthing, we teach moms to follow the lead of their own bodies, bearing down when the urge comes, and avoiding “purple pushing”, which restricts blood flow and oxygen to the baby, and creates tension in the perineum. Women with epidurals are allowed to “labor-down” during the second […]

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Pelvises I have known and loved: Gloria Lemay

July 30, 2010

Modern midwife Gloria Lemay writes this wonderful, confidence-inspiring article about the adequacy of the female pelvis. People always assume that a small woman can’t give birth to a large baby, but I personally witnessed my skinny-hipped sister-in-law give birth to a 10 lb. 7 oz baby, over an intact perineum! And all three of my […]

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