Stephanie’s Birth: Dad received their baby girl

May 4, 2011

Here is the birth story of one of my HypnoBirthing Utah couples. She had a completely un-medicated labor and birth, and Dad was able to “catch” the baby. Such a beautiful way to welcome a baby into the world, and a number of my couples are choosing this option. Thanks to the Central Utah Clinic Midwives for understanding that birth is a sacred family event, and that as long as mom and baby are healthy, they don’t need to jump in and intervene.

Our baby girl was born Monday weighing 6 lb. 6 oz. and measuring 18 inches.

Steph started having some prelabor Sunday morning. We spent the day on pins and needles, and then figured that nothing was going to happen. Oh well..

About 7 PM that evening Steph called to say her water had broken!
Steph’s mom showed up, and away we went to the hospital where she needed antibiotics for being Group B Strep positive. Nothing much happened at first, and I napped while Steph had shorter bouts of contractions from about 11 PM on. Then about 3 AM or so, they started getting more intense so I woke up and helped her more. About 8:10 AM she felt like pushing, and it didn’t take long for the baby to come!

We had chosen to deliver with some nurse midwives, who were very keen on helping each family have the kind of delivery they wanted. That was so nice, and they let me receive Clarissa as she was born! That’s so wonderful …

Steph’s doing really well, mostly because she didn’t have any medication on this one so her recovery is quicker. In fact, she got to go with me down to the nursery to see them give Clarissa her first bath and health checks.

Some of you noticed I mentioned HypnoBirthing on Facebook and wondered what that is. Steph had heard about this, and decided to do it with this delivery. It’s a method developed by Marie Mongan who had experience both with medical hypnosis and with labor and delivery. It’s not hypnosis like you see at the Halloween parties. Rather, it’s more like the kind of self-hypnosis that a runner uses to “zone out” during a long run so that you don’t feel the pain. That’s what I compare it to, since I’ve been a runner. We took a class on HypnoBirthing in Mapleton (people in the ward thought it was strange that we were taking a birthing class for our fourth kid!). As part of the class, Stephanie learned relaxation and breathing techniques, as well as visualization methods. I learned different scripts to read that would help her visualize things to think about other than labor pains, and I also learned some touch massage techniques. I then recorded myself reading the scripts and put it to some repetitive, soft background music so she could listen to it on an iPod. Anyway, it worked really well! I took a picture during labor that shows her in the middle of a contraction, looking like she’s asleep, but you’ll notice the ear buds because she is listening to the hypnobirthing scripts on the iPod.

I was really proud of her—she was amazing! In fact, the nurse midwife came in at one point and told me how amazed she was at how well Steph was doing as she was asleep on the hospital bed in between contractions.

At the end, during transition, it definitely got harder and the relaxation techniques weren’t helping quite as much, but luckily by that point we were near the end, and soon Clarissa was here!

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Ashley May 5, 2011 at 5:59 pm

What an awesome story! This sounds like an incredible father. I love that he caught the baby, that he recorded the scripts for his wife, and that he wrote the birth story! Beautiful! It would be pretty much impossible for me to get my husband to type up a birth story, but the next time around, I definitely want to talk to him about recording the scripts for me to listen to and catching the baby!

cassia batts May 6, 2011 at 11:34 am

i agree it’s so sweet!

Jill Di Pietro May 19, 2011 at 12:12 pm

I love this story! It is almost exactly what my husband would have written about my HypnoBirth. His perspective was very similar to this father’s. My perspective was different, though. I didn’t think the relaxation exercises didn’t work at the end. They were what made the nearing completion a calm experience for me, since it is an intense experience. Thank you Lauralyn for your awesome blog.

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