Optimal Fetal Positioning Workshop

Optimal Fetal Positioning: Getting Baby into Position for Birth. This 4 hour workshop focuses on simple techniques that moms can use to help baby turn to a head down, anterior position in the womb BEFORE labor begins. 9845946

Optimal Fetal Positioning helps lower the incidence of back labor, long or unproductive labor, and difficult pushing. It can reduce your risk of c-section, assisted deliveries, and other complications caused by the baby being in a less-than-ideal position for birth. When baby is in the right postion, which we call “Blast Off” position, labor is MUCH shorter, easier and more comfortable.

Topics covered include:

~Understanding Fetal Positioning: Why “Head Down” is only half the story
~Belly Mapping: What position is my baby in?
~Rest Smart, Sit Smart, Stand Smart: How maternal posture affects fetal positioning
~Daily Prenatal Exercises to help baby get into “Blast Off” position
~Exploring other options: Webster technique, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Fear Release, Massage and myofascial release, swimming, moxibustion, etc.
~Fetal Positioning techniques for labor
~When labor is a Pain in the Back: Techniques and positions to diminish Back Labor

We will help you create a yoga-based exercise routine that you can do daily during pregnancy to encourage your baby into the best position for an easy, comfortable birth.