Obstetric Lie #100 – Failure to Progress

December 7, 2010

This article from mamabirth.com is a must read for all HypnoBirthing couples! In my HypnoBirthing classes I teach that Failure To Progress is usually just Failure To Be Patient, or Fear Tension Pain, or Failure To Give Mom Some Privacy. If a laboring mom’s contractions are slowing down, or her cervix has “stalled” for a while, what she needs is privacy, rest, calories, an empty bladder, position changes, and then, if all else fails, some nipple stimulation. There is a reason why the uterus is taking a little break! It’s like a weight lifter resting between sets so that his muscles can re-establish their flow of blood and oxygen.

Failure to progress. Oft named as a reason for cesarean. Oft mentioned to the supine mom in the hospital as she is encouraged to get her epidural and “relax”. By the naysayers in the natural birth community, it is often renamed, Failure to be Patient or just, Doc must leave to make his golf game.

Whatever it means to you, the term failure to progress is both powerful, disturbing, and strongly indicates not just lack of ability but complete and utter physical failure on the part of the mother. Personally, I would love to see this phrase just disappear from our culture all together.

And so, in an effort to trash this phrase for once and for all, lets take a closer look at it […]

Read the full article at mambirth.blogspot.com.

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