Melody’s Birth Center Birth

July 23, 2011

My husband, Brad and I had watched a documentary about child birth and how amazing it can be to have a natural birth. That was when we decided that we were going to do everything in our power to have a natural birth. We had decided to go with midwife Heather Shelley at Birthing Your Way Birth Center and use hypnobirthing. We took our hypnobirthing classes from Laura Curtis and Wendy Rush. My guess date was March 15th. My dad and step mom had decided to come into town for the birth from north Idaho and Brad’s parents had a planned trip and were leaving on the 16th. Because of our desire to have family there for the birth we had talked to Heather about the possibility of trying to do a natural induction. She agreed to try and we tried on Sunday night, March 13th.

After about 5 hours of message and walking I was dilated to a 5 and didn’t continue to progress. We decided that my body and baby were not ready yet so we went home. The next day we did more walking to try and progress labor but decided to not try to induce labor that day and give my body a day to relax. On Wednesday, March 15th we tried to induce again. After about 3 hours I was dilated to a 6 and Heather gave us the option to either go home and wait it out or she could release my membranes (break my water). We chose option 2 and Heather released my membranes.

We then went in to the living room of the birth center and decided to watch a comedian on netflix. While we were watching the show Laura and Wendy came in, just around 10pm. While I would have surges it was most comfortable for me to be standing and squatting while Brad would support me from behind. After about 2 hours of surges in the living room, we moved in to the birth room. Heather and the student midwives set up the birth tub and we got in the water and worked through surges for about an hour in there. Brad continued to rub my back and helped me with my breathing during my surges while Laura and Heather made sure I was drinking and staying hydrated, though I pretty much refused to drink.

I started to feel the urge to push but was uncomfortable in the water and decided to get out. I labored in the bed while the doulas, Wendy and Laura, the midwives and Brad messaging my back and do hip and knee presses which relieved a lot of the pressure. I tried a lot of different positions and at times I was laying on my back, leaning over a birth ball and in polar bear position to find the position that was most comfortable.

While in the different positions it was amazing to have all the support with Wendy and Laura coaching me on my breathing, and helping me to relax. After about 90 minutes of pushing I started to get dehydrated and tired. Heather started an IV to try and hydrate me. After a little more pushing we moved over to the birth stool with Brad sitting behind me supporting me. While pushing on the birth stool I was so tired that I was falling asleep on Brad between surges.

After about an hour more of pushing Heather realized that our daughter’s shoulder had gotten stuck. I was then instructed to get down on the floor so Heather was able to assist our daughter out with no harm to her shoulder. After 9 hours of labor, 3 of which were pushing our daughter was here. After she was born I was so tired that I asked for Brad to be the first one to hold her and they immediately had Brad doing skin on skin with our beautiful baby girl.

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