Liybie’s first birth: A painless home hypnobirth

February 1, 2015

Liybie and Ravi completed my Hypnobirthing course and came for a private Fear Release session to prepare for the birth of their first baby. They also hired on of our HypnoDoulas, the wonderful Sarah Avis. Together with their fantastic birth team, this beautiful couple birthed without fear!


Happy mama, healthy baby!

Meet my Christmas baby. Reddick Vivek Cerar. Born peacefully at home after six hours of painless labor. It was the most divine experience of my life. I had a natural birth, but I feel weird saying I had an unmedicated birth — I was medicated, by my body’s own oxytocin and endorphins. I went from being petrified OUT OF MY MIND regarding childbirth, to having a orgasmic homebirth. So, I am here to say, transforming your fears into confidence and power CAN BE DONE!!! I did Lauralyn’s directed meditations and affirmations, and I knew I had broken through to my subconscious and healed the fear of childbirth when weeks before I gave birth I started having dreams of having an amazing calm, powerful birth. That was really exciting for me, and gave me peace. I hired an amazing midwife, who I KNEW would keep me safe, and an amazing hypnodoula who I KNEW would take care of me, and keep my birthing space sacred. My husband and I also met with Lauralyn a couple weeks before our baby was born, and did a fear release and bonding session with out baby. It was amazing and we all cried. 


HypnoDoula Sarah Avis, welcoming baby boy!

Many thanks to my angel husband who was a perfect and inspired birth partner, my amazing mom who ran the house while I labored quietly, Sarah Avis, my incredible hypnodoula who intuitively knew what to say and do through each stage of the birth, my midwife’s assistant Christina May who was a calm and strong nurturing presence, my wise and experienced midwife Chris Miller who gave me peace knowing she was my gatekeeper, keeping the baby and me safe and allowed me to listen completely to my instincts, and my hypnobirthing instructor, Lauralyn Curtis, who taught me how to release my body’s own natural morphine to make it possible to birth without pain or fear.


Midwives Chris Miller (right) and Christina May.

What an incredible experience. Baby Reddick was born with a “Huzzah!” with his fist up by his face in what is know as a compound presentation, typically making the labor more difficult and long, especially for a first time mom. But his enthusiasm to high five the world didn’t create any problems and he slipped easily into the world at 12:11 Christmas morning, weighing in at 6 lbs 12 oz, 20 inches long, lots of beautiful black hair, and perfect in every way. I am blessed beyond measure and happy beyond belief.


Born with his hand up by his face! He seems to like that position…

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