Lauren’s First Birth: labored at home until 9 cm; all natural hospital birth

April 6, 2012

On Monday March 26 we had an appointment with Doctor Kinghorn to see if Adilyn was any closer to coming.  After four weeks in a row of no change and an “unfavorable cervix” the doctor decided induction was the safest route to take since I was past my due date.  We were scheduled for checking in to the hospital Wednesday March 28 at 9 pm to begin medication at midnight.  The plan was to deliver Adilyn Thursday morning so our regular doctor could be there.

On Tuesday my back really started aching and my Braxton hicks contractions were feeling stronger.  Ben and I carried out our morning as usual and then he headed off to work.  I did laundry and washed dishes during the day and tried to get comfortable but my back was really starting to hurt.  At 6 pm I went down to the Motor shed to have dinner with Ben.  We ate Paradise Bakery and hung out for a little bit.  Ben found out he had time off to use so we decided to head home.  On the drive home my backaches seemed worse. Ben and I crawled in to bed around 8 pm planning to stay up late watching movies so we could sleep all day Wednesday before the late night induction.

Around 10 pm I really couldn’t get comfortable in the bed.  I moved from the bed, to the exercise ball, then to the bathtub and back.  By midnight Ben asked if he should start timing my contractions.  He timed for about an hour and they were anywhere from seven minutes apart to eight minutes apart.  We figured it was just more Braxton hicks.  Ben fell asleep around 2 am and my contractions started getting stronger and closer together.  I started timing them around 2:45 am.  The time crawled but flew by at the same time.  I moved back and forth from the bed to the bathtub from 3 am until 6 am while timing contractions.  They started at about five minutes apart, then four minutes apart and then three minutes apart.  Because of the scheduled induction I was really in denial that I could be in labor.  Occasionally my contractions would go back to four and five minutes apart, which also made me think it wasn’t real labor.

At 6 am Ben woke up and told me to get out of the bathtub and come to bed! I told him my contractions were three minutes apart and that I thought my water might be leaking.  He called my mom and let her know we were headed to the hospital.  Ben quickly tried to get me moving so we could get to the hospital but by this point each contraction was so strong I could barely move.  It looked like Adilyn was going to be coming on her own and not have to go through the induction and medication that night!  I really wanted to take a shower and get cleaned up before going in but this proved more difficult than I had planned.

Finally by 7 am I was showered and dressed but in even more discomfort.  Ben started panicking about rush hour traffic and that I was going to deliver in his truck.  We finally got loaded and on the way by 7:15 am.  We arrived to labor and delivery at 7:50 am and got checked in to our room by 8 am.  Doctor Smith was there for the delivery because our doctor, Doctor Kinghorn, had Wednesdays off.  I was put in hospital clothes and crawled in to the bed with Ben at my side.  I lay on my left side and held his hands.  The nurse had to check to see how close I actually was and she was shocked and said I was already at nine centimeters! She said the baby had lots of hair and when I felt ready to go ahead and push!  Talk about cutting it close!  At some point my mom showed up too, she rubbed my back and talked me through the last of the contractions.  After about five more very intense contractions Adilyn was ready to arrive.  One more contraction later she was here at 8:59 am! The doctor handed me our beautiful baby girl.  I can now say I have seen my tougher than tough husband shed a tear. Ben cut the umbilical cord several minutes later and we had our princess.  I can finally understand when people say you do not know love until you become a parent.  I have never loved something or someone so completely until Adi.

I was so so so happy she came 12 hours before the doctor was going to make me induce.  I held her off as long as I could but we reached almost 42 weeks and we know how doctors like to panic, but Adi made it on her own drug free! woohoo!!
Thanks for all the help with the classes… I spent 90 percent of my labor alone in my own bathtub pretty much in denial that I was actually in labor because I just thought it would feel different, maybe more painful but really my back just ached.  We barely made it to the hospital and our sweet one was here! Anyway, I’m so grateful for what you are teaching women so our little ones can enter the world more alert.  
Thank you again!

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