Krystal’s Second Birth: Natural birth at the hospital; baby arrives before midwife; born in the amniotic sac!

March 13, 2012

They always say each labor is different and this one was way different from my first. My first was awesome but this one I couldn’t have asked for a better birth! I used hypnobirthing again.

To begin, I was kind of scared to go into labor because I had been pretty sick. Took some medicine before bed and started feeling contractions at 12:30 am, I was admitted to the hospital at 3:26 am (dilated to a 5 with a buldging bag), made it to my delivery room at 4:00 am. Had a few contractions and started feeling sick. My nurse and my sister and I knew I was going into transition but were surprised at the same time. I almost didn’t make it on the delivery bed, because I was in the bathroom thinking I needed to go but really it was just the pressure of her head.

As I walked from the bathroom to the bed I had three contractions and squatted to everyone of them. Then I just fell over sideways on the bed.I was just doing what my body told me to do.My head was at the foot of the bed. My husband got behind me and held me and my nurse picked up my other half onto the bed and then lifted my leg and then my body just pushed the baby’s head out. I didn’t even realized the head was out and then the nurse told me to get the shoulders out with the next contraction. She slid right out! She was born “En Caul”(kind of rare) at 4:24. She was born at 40w5days and there was meconium but she was perfectly healthy!

The day after I didn’t really feel like I had a baby as far as my recovery and triedness level. It was the coolest thing ever! So glad to be home with baby and family. She’s a good eater and such a sweet baby. Did I mention my midwife didn’t make it for the birth? But she did make it to do some stitches and deliver the placenta. Now that part hurt a little:) Marta Jane Andrew was born March 10, 2012. 7lbs 12 oz. 20 1/2 inches long. She’s so special and beautiful!!!

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