Jill’s first birth: a Textbook-perfect HypnoBirth!

August 12, 2011

I would like to preface my Birth Story by telling you that my husband, Dan, and I attended the Wasatch County Fair Days Demolition Derby the night before our son arrived. When I spoke with my sister on our way to the Derby on Saturday night, July 30, she said to be aware that the Derby might just put me into labor! She thought that the loud noises and fumes may just “get things started!” I laughed, thinking that I still had at least a week or two before my baby would arrive since from what I heard, first babies never arrive on time, never mind early. Since my “guess date” was not until August 7, I figured we still had time…

At around 5:45am on Sunday, July 31, I awoke from a deep sleep to the feel of liquid running down my legs. I thought to myself, did my water really break or am I imagining this?!? I was so excited thinking that this was the real thing – it was time! I got out of bed slowly, savoring the moment, and sure enough, my water had definitely broken! The liquid continued to trickle down my legs. With a huge smile on my face, I eagerly tapped Dan on his foot and said, “Dan, my water just broke!” He sat straight up in bed so fast and excitedly said, “Really?! We’re having a baby today!” We were both so excited that the time had come – we would have a baby that day!

I went ahead and called my midwife to let her know that my water had broken. She said that was great news and asked me if I had started to have contractions yet. I told her I didn’t think so, but that I did feel a strong menstrual cramp-like feeling which woke me up, but hadn’t felt anything since. She told me to call her back around 8am to let her know how I was feeling and to see if my contractions had started.

I also called my Doula and she told me that she would stand-by and to let her know in an hour or two how things were going. She would plan to head to our house to labor with me at home for a bit before we headed to the hospital.

Around 6:15am, just a half hour after I woke up, I definitely started feeling contractions, or surges, as I prefer to call them per Hypnobirthing. Dan had a “contraction timer” on his Droid phone, so he started tracking how far apart they were. The surges were coming at about 7-10 minute intervals at that point, so we were excited, but tried to not get over-eager since we knew that did not necessarily mean that labor would quickly accelerate. At that point, I figured it was a good time to hop in the shower and to eat a little breakfast. The shower felt great,and it also felt good to get something into my stomach. Dan was busy getting my things ready for the hospital. I already had my suitcase packed, so he made sure all the odds and ends were accounted for.

I was glad I had showered and ate something, since it turned out that labor DID accelerate from there – and quite quickly! By around 7:00 a.m., I was definitely feeling stronger surges and they were coming at around 6-7 minutes apart. They were still manageable, though. I definitely needed to stop what I was doing to go down on my hands and knees to breathe through them, but they were not unbearable. I used my deep in and out surge breathing which I learned in Hypnobirthing and got through each surge nice and calmly. Dan and I continued to get more excited as the surges starting coming closer together over the next half hour.

By around 8am, my surges were coming at about 4-5 minutes apart. I still felt really good, and continued to breathe through each one keeping calm and relaxed. We thought at that point it would be a good idea to call our midwife and let her know how close the contractions were. We called and texted her a few times, but couldn’t get ahold of her, which we thought was odd. So when we didn’t hear back, we figured we should head to the hospital since we both felt as though things were definitely progressing. Also, we live about 30 minutes from the hospital, so we wanted to be sure to leave enough time. So around 8:45, we got in the car and headed to the Park City Medical Center. We figured we would check in with the Doula on our way and tell her to just meet us at the hospital. Dan and I could hardly contain our excitement as we got in the car – today was really the day and we were ready to meet our baby boy!

When we were about 10 minutes from home, we received a call back from our midwife. We pulled over so we could speak with her undistracted. She apologized for not calling sooner. She had another birth that morning and had left her phone at home. She got the details of how I was feeling and from that information, she told us that she recommended that we stay at home for a bit longer and labor there. She was not aware that we were already in the car. When we told her, she said that she didn’t want us to get to the hospital and have labor stop, since often times that is what happens when people come in to the hospital too soon. I had also been seeing a chiropractor in the prior weeks, so she said that she would try and set up an appointment with the chiropractor to do a last minute adjustment before I came to the hospital. I knew that the adjustments would help during labor, but I thought to myself – a chiropractic adjustment now?! I’m in labor here! When we ended the call, I broke into tears and told Dan that there was no way I was going to the chiropractor! The thought of it made me sick. He agreed and said that our midwife obviously didn’t understand that I was in active labor and that we would continue on to the hospital. That is what was right for us, and they would need to deal with that. We called the midwife back and told her that we were uncomfortable going home or to the chiropractor and that we would feel best if we came to the hospital now. She said that was fine, but that I should realize that if I came to the hospital and was dilated at least to a “1”, then they would need to keep me there and that I wouldn’t be able to go home after that point. I said that was fine and that I understood. We also called the Doula and told her we were on our way to the hospital and that she could just meet us there.

On the way to the hospital, my surges were coming at around 3-4 minutes apart. Dan and I knew that our decision to keep heading to the hospital was the right one since by the time we got there, my surges werecoming around 3 minutes apart. This was definitely real labor!

We arrived to the hospital around 9:30am. We met the Doula in the parking lot. I had a really strong surge as we pulled in, so she opened and stood calmly by my car door as I breathed through it. I gave her a big smile as I stepped out of the car and said, “Today is the day I meet my baby boy!” She smiled back and said, “Yes it is!”At check in, they asked me if I wanted a wheelchair, but I declined. My surges were coming close together, but I felt it best if I walked up to the Labor and Delivery Unit. On the way up, I had another strong surge. When we reached the room, the nurses told me they would need to check me, per the request of my midwife. They were amazed to see that I was dilated to a 7! I didn’t hear the conversation, but Dan later told me that when they called the midwife to tell her, she was shocked and said she would come right over. She could not believe that I was at a 7. It was a good thing Dan and I listened to our instincts and headed to the hospital when we did!

By 10:30am, the nurses had a chance to check the baby and make sure all was well. At that point, our Doula recommended I try laboring in the tub for a bit, since she could see that my labor was progressing and that the surges were definitely very strong. She and Dan filled the tub and I lowered myself into the warm water. It felt great to labor in the tub for a while, but after about 45 minutes, I really felt the need to push and wanted a change of position, so I got out of the tub and onto the bed alternating between being on my hands and knees and in Child’s Pose (Yoga) as the surges came and subsided. As I stepped out of the tub, my midwife later told me that I said, “I’m so excited!” when I was between surges. I don’t remember actually saying that as I was in such a deep state of relaxation.

By around 11:45am, my surges were extremely strong and I knew that it was time to start pushing. The midwife and Dan helped me from the bed onto the birth stool, which was the place in which I hoped to birth my baby. The Doula whispered in my ear that it was time, and that the midwife was putting on her birth scrubs and that my baby boy would be here really soon. I got so excited thinking that I would be holding my baby in a matter of minutes! The surges were coming at about 2 minutes apart at that point and when each one came, the midwife told me to push. She had me lean back into Dan, who was supporting me from behind, as each surge came. It felt really good to push, but at the same time, the pressure was so intense but I kept myself totally calm and relaxed. I knew I could do this and that I needed to just continue with my steady breathing and relaxed facial muscles. The nurses later told me that it was the coolest thing watching me birth my baby in that super relaxed state.

At 12:13pm, with a huge gasp of relief, I birthed my baby boy, Ty Robert Shroyer. He made his grand entrance into the world like a slippery wet fish, just as I had imagined! He was 7lbs, 1 oz, 20 inches long, and completely perfect! I was elated that I had birthed my baby completely un-medicated without any tearing! I could not wait to tell my story!

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Laura Ellis August 13, 2011 at 8:34 am

Jill, I am so happy for you guys!! I remember sitting in our first HypnoBirthing class and you said, “I’m just here to learn how to manage until I can get my epidural,” and look what you did!! You are amazing and you have totally inspired me! Congratulations again and I can’t wait to meet your little Ty!!

Lee Weliczka August 23, 2011 at 12:36 am

WOW! This is wonderful and an absolutely picture perfect birth! I am so happy that everything went so well but it was also YOU who did absolutely amazing Jill! We can hardly wait to get to Utah and see you and meet our cousin/nephew Ty Robert!

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