Sarah Avis

Certified Hypno-doula, Certified Bengkung Practitioner

 Serving Salt Lake County and surrounding areas


A certified HypnoDoula and Bengkung Belly Binding practitioner, Sarah believes that every pregnancy and birth is sacred and unique. Sarah is a passionate advocate for the birthing mother, and understands that every woman has the right to birth where she feels the most fearless and powerful, whether at a birth center, home or hospital. The transition into motherhood is the most important time in our lives and we should feel empowered, accomplished and loved throughout the whole experience.

Sarah is comfortable and skilled in supporting medicated, un-medicated or cesarean births and does her utmost to make sure that every women feels supported and embraced throughout pregnancy and birth, and welcomed into motherhood with open arms. She has personally experienced two hospital births with epidurals and one unassisted homebirth, and each of her births has been an valuable step along her path as a birth worker. As a doula, Sarah has a heart of gold and a warm, reassuring presence that her couples find incredibly comforting. She works beautifully with care providers to help create a circle of support for the birthing mother.

  • Certified HypnoDoula through The Curtis Method
  • Completed Brio Birth Child Birth Education series
  • Certified privately and with Sacred Pregnancy for Bengkung Post-Partum Belly Binding
  • Specializes in light touch massage, foot massage, acupressure, rebozo sifting techniques and childbirth-hypnosis

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Testimonials from Sarah’s Clients

Megan Van Nosdol Johnson

“It was really great to have Sarah help with postpartum services. I live quite far and she was able to make it every day (safely). I chose to have a bengkung wrap done mainly for postpartum body support and to help shrink things down a little faster. It did both! The wrap made things easier for me to do (walk, breathe, posture), and being 1 month postpartum I went from weighing 168 at last prenatal appointment to 141. I slacked off on wearing it every day, and I have noticed my belly sticking out more. I should have stuck to it religiously for at least 40 days. When wearing it I’m also able to fit into some of my pre-pregnancy shirts (which aren’t many). Sarah is lovely and I highly recommend her! “

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Corrie Ewell Busch

“It was such a pleasure to work with Sarah! She was my birth doula and provided great support during my labor. She worked so well with the rest of my birth team and helped ease my stress. I used Sarah‘s belly binding services as well and loved it!! This was my 7th baby and my body really shows it! Things are not quite as tight as they used to be :) The belly bind helped me feel supported and not so empty inside. I am glad that Sarah taught me to wrap myself on her last visit. I have slacked off on using the binding, but when I start to feel that empty feeling inside, it’s great to be able to bind myself again. Sarah is such a pleasant person and I loved our conversations during the binding sessions! “


Dinise Deaver

“My hynobirthing coach suggested Sarah Avis to me when I asked her for a good doula. Choosing Sarah as my Doula was one of the  best decisions I made in my pregnancy. She was SO supportive from day one. She made me feel so confident in myself and in my birthing experience. She was always responsive to all my needs throughout my pregnancy, whenever had questions, she was very helpful and helped me out! When I started my labor at home, she was in full contact with my husband the whole way through and came over to my house when I wanted her to. She was AMAZING! She is the reason why I actually went unmedicated. She was SO supportive, strong, confident and was everything I needed her to be in my birthing experience. Sarah is an incredible and strong spirited women who you can connect with in so many ways. I loved having her as my Doula. If anyone ever needed a doula, my best recommendation would be Sarah. I’m so grateful to Lauralynn Curtis for referring Sarah to me. I can honestly say I had an AMAZING birthing experience because Sarah helped me in so many ways. ;) Thank you Sarah for all you have done!”

Amanda Dodge

“Sarah is amazing! I loved her the moment I met her. 6 months later she was the most crucial member of my birth team! I had 3 midwives, my husband, and mother in law and I needed her the most! I reached for her the entire labor. For my 12 hour labor she never left my side. I would absolutely recommend her as a doula! After birth she came to bind me. Her binding is amazing! I immediately felt whole again. I couldn’t live with out my bind. It feels great. I would spend double to have her at my next birth! Highly recommend her as a doula and friend!”


“I used Sarah as my doula for my July 2015 birth. I was skeptical about having a doula at first and not sure if she’d be worth the cost.  I have an amazing husband that was very involved. After an hour of having Sarah, I knew she was definitely worth it.  She helped encourage and support me, alongside my husband, for my 12 hour intense labor.  She listened to what I needed and tailored her support for me. I’ll be using Sarah for my next births.
I also used her for belly binding and loved it. She’s very skilled.”

Kristin Guernard

“Sarah is such an amazing birth coach. She helped me breathe through some pretty rough contractions and when my labor started progressing more quickly than anticipated, she was absolutely instrumental in helping me make it to the hospital on time so I didn’t end up with an “unintended home” or “enroute to hospital” birth! She has such an easy manner and soothing voice and is ever so encouraging, but was also direct when she could tell I needed just that to get me going to the hospital. Thank you, Sarah! With Zack trying but unable to get back from New York in time, I dare not think about how things would have gone without you! p.s. I’m loving the postnatal belly bind!”

Justin Truong

“We were very hesitant in getting a doula for the birth of our first child. After learning all my daddy-doula skills, I thought I was going to be enough to support my wife through her labor. We eventually decided on using Sarah as our doula. This was probably one of the best decisions we made for her pregnancy. Sarah from the very beginning was very personable and accommodating to our needs. By the time of the birth Sarah felt as if she was one of our long time friends. The amount of knowledge and ability to comfort my wife during her non-medicated labor was very empowering to watch. Sarah was also extremely helpful after the birth by teaching us how to do belly binding. My wife felt this was a very crucial part for her recovery after the birth. We will be definitely using her again!”


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