Natalie Burton

Certified Doula, Hypno-doula, Benkung Belly Binder, Energy Worker

Serving Utah County


Natalie is a Certified Hypno-doula with additional training through DONA. She is also trained in Bengkung belly binding, energy balancing, and chakra therapy.  Natalie loves to help expectant parents apply principles of mindfulness and intention to pregnancy, birth, and life together as a new family. From visualizing your ideal experience, to identifying and processing fears, to navigating the unpredictability of birth, her hope is that you will come away from your experience with a sense of wholeness and ownership of your own story.

As a doula, Natalie is uniquely warm, encouraging, intuitive and empathetic. She is especially skilled at using affirmations and anchors, two of our most important Curtis Method skills. She has a gift for knowing exactly what to say, and adapting her energy to whatever is needed in the moment. She is also a Curtis Method mom, and has used the program very successfully and joyfully for her own births.

  • Natalie is a gifted energy worker and brings this invaluable skill to her birthing mothers to help create a positive, healthy outcome for both mother and baby.
  • She is also trained in supporting Hypnobabies births.
  • Natalie is knowledgable about essential oils and uses them to help support pregnancy, birth, and postpartum wellness.
  • Natalie’s relaxed, warm and friendly personality helps put moms, dads, and health care providers at ease in the birth room.

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Testimonials From Natalie’s Clients


“Asking Natalie to be our doula was one of the smartest things we have ever done. Having someone in the delivery room to help my wife was good, but everyone in the room is there for the mother – including the father. The only problem is that most fathers (myself included) don’t have clue how to be at all useful during labor. That is why having Natalie in the room was so great. She was there to help me help my wife through labor. Having her there meant that I could be less stressed out because I didn’t have to figure out on my own how to be useful. Natalie also helped me stay on my feet by reminding me to take care of myself, which would be great for any father-to-be, but even more so for a father who was very sick the day before. With Natalie there, I had a partner who encouraged me and my wife, who looked after both of us, and who gave me the gift of worrying less so I could be there in the moment. I don’t think I could have done it without her!”


“I was (and am) so grateful that we invited Natalie to be our doula for my first baby’s birth. Not only did she come prepared with ideas, tips, and tricks for making my labor more comfortable, but she was ready and willing to help me as a friend as well. I wanted a natural birth but ended up being induced, and Natalie fully supported the decisions I made both before and during my labor. When I found out I was going to be induced, Natalie was there to talk me through my options and remind me that it was my birth, my body, my baby, and my decision. She also used her skills with energy work to help me release my fear, anxiety, and other negative emotions that were hindering my progress. It was so comforting, both mentally and physically, to have that method of checking my structural alignment and emotional state available to me. There were several times during my labor when I was exhausted and looked to her to find and unfailingly receive reassurance, encouragement, and positive feedback. Because of Natalie’s incredible support, I can’t imagine trying to have a baby without a doula there!”


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