Mary Brown

Certified Doula, Hypno-doula, Postpartum Doula

Serving Utah and Salt Lake Counties


Mary Brown is sensitive to the vulnerability of pregnant and postpartum women. She is an experienced birth and postpartum doula who seeks to ensure that women get the support and comfort they deserve as they transition into motherhood. She makes it a priority to be where she is needed as to provide a calming, reassuring presence and source of knowledge for every family member in the birth and postpartum period. Mary is a loving and loyal doula who encourages expansive education for couples to enable them to make confident decisions regarding their prenatal, birth, and postpartum care. Mary has a natural ability to comfort and support, and brings a spirit of love, joy and calm to the births she attends. She works to respect and nurture the relationship already created by mother and partner to better support and serve them.

Mary believes each birth is a sacred rite of passage and is honored to serve women and families as they  work together to welcome new little ones. When Mary is not doing birth related activities, she enjoys working in her garden, barefoot running, painting, playing video games, cooking with her nephews and nieces, and laying in the sun with her fiancé, Brian.

Mary has a Bachelor’s degree in Public Health from Brigham Young University. She is currently working on a second bachelors in Nursing at Utah Valley University. Mary completed a public health internship in Cape Coast, Ghana in 2013 where she visited local schools and communities to teach health education, basic hygiene techniques, HIV/AIDS/STI prevention, disease prevention, and participated in youth outreach programs.

Mary has been attending births since January 2012 and servicing postpartum clients since November 2014. She completed her doula trainings through DONA Hypnobirthing Utah, and the Midwives College of Utah She is trained and specializes in childbirth-hypnosis, light touch massage, hand and foot massage, acupressure, counter pressure, rebozo sifting techniques, spinning babies, and birth plan preparation.

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Testimonials from Mary’s Clients

Nikki Nelson

“Mary was the BEST decision I could have made for my birth! I do not say that lightly! I do not know what I would have done without Mary! My husband I took Lauralyn Curtis’s Hypnobirthing Class, there was so much material and so much to remember and even though my husband has a great bedside manner, we knew we would appreciate more help. I was looking and praying to find a doula who would be a good match for us. We met Mary at one of the classes and instantly fell in love with her! After we had our first meeting with her we knew she was the perfect person for us. I seriously could not have had better support! Between Mary and my husband I think I could have given birth anywhere as long as I had those two.

Mary was so great in our meetings before the birth on getting to know us and our needs. I love how she included my husband in everything and didn’t make him feel like he wasn’t important in this. She is so confidence building! She helped us to feel like I was capable of not only giving birth, but on being a mother as well. In the meetings she helped calm our fear and anxiety and helped us map out a plan for our birth.

My birth was a riot! I’m not sure how many people can say that, but it seriously was one of the most fun experiences I have ever had! Mary was great at calming me, and helping me as I stayed “down” in meditation. But was also fun and joking with us and doing “Turbo waddle” races through the halls! Also I felt like such a pampered goddess! I think Mary rubbed me the whole 16 hours I was in labor, my hands, my feet, my hair, it was heaven!

There are very few experiences in this life where you are constantly told you are doing something right. Mary was my personal cheerleader! As I listened to my body and quite literally belly danced my way through my birth, Mary was constantly cheering me on in everything I did! She helped me have faith in myself and what I wanted. I went from hiding the carrots I was munching on when the nurses came, to full on eating in front of them. I could do no wrong! I so needed that as I prepared to make this huge step in my life. My sister said afterward, “Everyone should have a doula! Not just for birth but for life! A life doula!” I so agree!

She was not only a great support for me but for my husband as well. They were a great tag team when one was getting tired. Mary knew all the right holds and things to do to help me as things got more and more intense. Her help was so needed as I prepared to push, I would say “It hurts” and she’d bring me back down, saying that it was a very “Big” feeling. And I was like “Oh yeah! It’s big… It’s big..” She was such an anchor.

Afterwards, when I was discouraged that I had torn, she knew just the right things to say to make me feel ok, and how I did everything was just perfect. Even after birth, when our baby was in the NICU for a month she was one of my biggest supports! Her texts would raise me up so much.

I could go on and on! There’s seriously not enough good things I could say about Mary! I love Mary! She is worth her weight in GOLD or whatever precious metal is of the highest value right now. I would gladly pay double to have her at all my births. If you choose Mary for your birth you will not be disappointed!”


Jenna Barrington

“Mary was born to be a doula! She is one of the sweetest people I have ever met and is alsohilarious, confident and extremely knowledgeable about what she does. Mary helped me feel empowered about my birth experience before, during and after my birthing day. When I decided I was going to try for a natural birth, I knew I wanted to hire a doula. During my third trimester we switched providers so that we would be in a hospital. I had a lot of inhibitions and fears about delivering in a hospital, so I knew having a doula on my birth team would help me feel more at peace and supported. I hired Mary before even meeting her because her profile stood out to me and I’d heard great reviews from people who’d worked with her. During pregnancy I would text her all the time when I was feeling nervous or had questions or just needed someone to talk to about pregnancy stuff! Mary’s responses were always thoughtful, educated and empowering. When it came to my actual labor, Mary was quick to arrive and started helping my husband and I without hesitation. Her confidence really gave me something to hold onto when transition hit! She was serious about supporting me but also brought plenty of good humor, which we really appreciated!

When I arrived at the hospital I was already in transition and nearly fully dilated so my head was in the clouds! Mary made sure my birth plan was given to my midwife and nurses and that my preferences were met. My labor ended in a c-section due to my baby being breach. Mary waited with my mom while the c-section was taking place and was there to help me relax when I was in recovery. Mary was everything I could have hoped for in a doula, and I would hire her again in a heartbeat. In fact, I plan on it with baby #2!”


Veronique Chenier

“Mary has helped me through two very different births. Both were hospital births, the first birth was a more serene setting and the second proved to be much more challenging. I first met Mary at a booth during a baby show in Provo. I had taken a Hypnobirthing class but didn’t quite feel prepared for the birth of my first child. Mary had such great energy and I just felt at ease with her. I knew I wanted her as my doula and I wanted to make sure that I had every tool I needed to have a natural birth. When Mary came over for that first appointment, she quickly put us at ease and showed us all the techniques she’d be using to keep me comfortable and trained my husband on the role he would play. She was available to answer all my questions and served all my requests. She even gave me a soundtrack to play in the hospital when the time would come. A few weeks later, my water broke and I had to go in to get induced since my surges weren’t starting on their own. She quickly met me at the hospital. We walked and read some hypnobirthing scripts to try and get things going, but nothing was happening. It was getting late and I finally agreed to use Pitocin to start labor. I didn’t think much of it at first, but after about 15 minutes, the surges were intense. Mary quickly noticed my discomfort and started applying acupressure. The difference was incredible, she was a human epidural. She was so helpful. She stood by me while my husband rested for a while. I remember labor getting really intense and considering the epidural. She supported me in whatever decision I was going to make. I never felt judged, she was on my team no matter what. Her compassion in unparalleled. I love that Mary helps you feel empowered. I ended up requesting to be taken off the Pitocin and at this point, my body had taken over. My baby girl was born 3 short hours after. After this birth, I knew I would never chose to go through labor without a doula. Preferably, that doula would be Mary.

When I found out I was pregnant with my second, the decision was obvious. I called Mary to make sure she could attend my second birth. I didn’t think it was possible, but this time around, Mary was even more prepared and had even more tricks up her sleeve. She also added a new service, postpartum work. With this birth, I didn’t feel quite as confident as I did with my first. I had a friend throw me a Blessingway and Mary was kind enough to attend. She drew the most beautiful henna tattoo on my belly and gave me such a meaningful charm. The day I went into labor, I had surges on and off all day until my water suddenly broke. Once again, she met me right away at the hospital. It was so nice to have her there again because it was familiar. She knew what to say and do to keep me calm. She also mentioned to the midwife that my last labor moved very quickly which was enough information for the midwife to request we have everything ready for the birth of this baby. He was coming fast! These surges were much stronger than with my first. They were one on top of another and much more intense. I hit transition within 90 minutes. Mary, the midwife and my husband created this incredible team to try and keep me comfortable. This birth wasn’t as serene as the first. There were complications to the birth that led the midwife to call a code blue. At that moment, the room was filled with about 15 people. I wanted Mary next to me because she always just seemed to know exactly what to say to keep me calm. After my baby was born, Mary stayed with me the whole time to make sure I was ok. She was my emotional support while my husband stayed with our baby. When my baby was finally in my arms, Mary helped me get that first latch, because for some reason, I had forgotten what it was like to breastfeed a newborn.

Mary’s amazingness doesn’t end with the labor. Her postpartum work is invaluable. I hired her quite a few times. She was so in tune with my needs and took care of my children as if they were her own. Dancing for hours with my toddler and carrying my newborn everywhere while she got chores done. Having Mary over for postpartum work truly is a breath of fresh air. Three months later, I discovered that she also offers overnight services. My husband was out of town for the week and my baby was still waking up every 90 minutes. When I asked her if she would be available that same night, she didn’t hesitate to say yes. Once again, while I slept, she cleaned my house, folded laundry and even organized my tupperware cabinet! I was able to sleep peacefully because I trust Mary and knew my baby was in good hands. I felt like a new person the next morning.

Mary is so much more than a doula to me now, she’s a true friend, family even. The impact she’s had on our lives is indescribable. We feel very blessed to have her in our lives. She’s always so quick to respond to my messages and texts. Thank you for being so wonderful Mary.”


Kathryn Grace

“Early in my pregnancy with my third baby, I decided that I wanted a doula. I’d had two easy midwife assisted labors and deliveries in the past but didn’t feel as though I’d involved my husband enough in the labors and I wanted to include him more with the third baby and wasn’t sure how to accomplish that. After meeting with Mary, I knew that she was the perfect doula for us. She was extremely supportive of my wants and was very open to all of my ideas and my husband’s. During labor, she worked fabulously to support me and my husband and worked very well with my amazing midwife. This was the most relaxed and pleasant birth I’ve had and I am sure a large part of that is because of Mary.” 

Julie Hovdal

“I can’t imagine the birth of my baby without a doula, and I was blessed to be served by Mary Brown! Mary’s fresh and vibrant energy was just what I needed to get me through the most difficult phases of my labor. From applying counter-pressure for pain relief to walking me through hypnobirthing scripts, she was a real asset to me in a time of need. We plan on having one more baby, and I will be calling her again!” 

Nadine and Kody

“As a first time mom, the very idea of labor and birth was not only daunting and terrifying, but this awesome experience I was about to embark on. My midwife suggested hiring a doula because it would allow me to have a much nicer “emotional” birth experience and would lessen the possible trauma of it all. I had no idea just how amazing this journey would be and I had the best people with me during that time. Mary was an angel. I cannot stress this enough. Once we called, she promptly arrived at our door with the warmest smile and the biggest hug. While the contractions rolled in and onwards, she was my pillow, my prop, my comedian and my biggest comfort. Not only did her kind and gentle personality shine through, but the passion for her work drove her to be the best she could possibly be for me. Not that I was anything special or anything, though she did make me feel that way. I felt very at ease, discussing anything that came into my head to distract me from pain, stress, exhaustion and this overbearing joy, even if I was gabbling on about nothing (or so it seemed!) Mary never batted an eyelid and kept my spirits high in those exhausting hours of early labor throughout the day.

When active labor arrived, Mary was on the ball (quite literally!) grabbing my blanket, stuffed animals and birth ball and followed me and my husband and our other doula in the thickest fog I have ever seen! She made it to the hospital and immediately cracked a joke, instantly soothing my nerves for the umpteenth time that day. No matter what I asked for, she made it her aim to please and give with a smile. Mary was so loving, like a best friend or sister, gently stroking my hair and calming me through the stressful parts of my Pitocin induced labor. She checked and double checked to make sure that everything was the way I wanted it to be and when it came down to that final hour before my boy was born, she was a credit not only to the people she schooled under, but to herself.

I love the fact that Mary had no hesitation in what she was doing, assisting me in keeping my mind and body focused on the task at hand while still being able to be goofy when I truly needed to laugh rather than subcumb to the rollercoaster of hormones. Not only did Mary make herselftotally available to me, but to my husband also, for his emotional support and encouragement that he needed to help his wife through this amazing process. I am so glad that I had her be a part of my birth experience and would highly recommend her to every woman possible! She was not just my doula, she was my friend and I could not have asked for anything more from her. We love you Mary!” 

Postpartum HypnoDoula Services

Mary trained as a postpartum doula at the Midwives College of Utah in March 2015. She has advanced training in caring for parents with multiple (twin) births, and is currently working on her certification as a Bereavement Doula. As a birth doula, she began to notice and understand that after the birth of a child, parents still needed support and guidance as they take the leap into parenthood. This transition can be overwhelming. Often, when the initial excitement of the birth is over, the mother finds she needs continual support as she recovers and adjusts. The role of a postpartum doula is to help create a place where the mother can heal and relax.  The doula assures that the household environment remains as comfortable and stable as possible. Her responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Care of the mother and her partner
  • Assistance in care of the newborn
  • Light meal preparation
  • Household Cleaning
  • Running Errands
  • Pet Assistance
  • Sibling care
  • Baby feeding support
  • Soothing techniques
  • Provide structured flow of outside help from friends, neighbors, religious groups, etc.
  • Referrals to professional resources such as parenting classes, pediatricians, counseling, lactation and support groups

Mary offers her services from just a few days up to a few months following the birth, including over-night services to help parents transition smoothly with night time feeding. Over-night hours are determined by the needs of the parents.

Postpartum Fees

  • Mary Hours are $25.00 per hour.
  • For Twins/Multiples Births, $30.00 per hour
  • A minimum booking of 15 hours.
  • Minimum of 3 hours per visit
  • The schedule is flexible if needed; hours can be used daily within two weeks’ time.
  • Mary will typically work two to five hours per visit, with more hours upon request

Overnight Postpartum Details

  • Includes guided baby feeding during the night, cleaning, and preparing meals
  • Postpartum care between the hours of 9 PM and 9 AM are considered overnight services.
  • Overnight services are offered on an as-needed basis with a minimum of 10 hours

Additional hours are offered at discount rates, inquire as needed.

Postpartum Hourly Package — $350

Basic package includes Mary visiting your home 2-5 times a week for 2-6 weeks to provide services.

  • Minimum of 15 hours with a non-refundable fee of $100
  • The full fee is due at time of hire.
  • Cesarean Birth/ Difficult Recovery includes 6-8 weeks of services
  • Overnight Care (1-7 nights a week/1-12 weeks)

Labor Doula + Postpartum Care Package — $1100

  • Includes basic Hypnodoula Birth Package and Postpartum Doula Package (15 hours)
  • Includes $400 non-refundable deposit, due at first prenatal. Second payment due by first visit after the baby is born

For any questions or concerns regarding fees, deposits, or any other items of business, please call! Initial consultations are free!

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