Laurel Asay Lowe

Certified Doula, Hypno-doula, Placenta Encapsulation Specialist, Monitrice

Serving Utah and Salt Lake Counties


Laurel is our most experienced hypno-doula here at HypnoDoulas Utah! She has supported nearly 100 couples through their birth journeys, and is deeply loved by her couples. Laurel is experienced and comfortable supporting any type of birth scenario, whether hospital or home, medicated or un-medicated, vaginal or surgical, VBAC, high-risk, first-time moms, etc. She is passionate about empowering women regardless of where and how they decide to give birth.  Laurel is dedicated to her clients and works to help them have their ideal birth. She believes firmly that the husband or birth companion should be an integral part of every mother’s birth and ensures that they are included as much as they wish to be. Laurel brings a unique blend of humor, support, energy, and relaxation to every birth she attends. She has a gift for putting people at ease and creating a feeling of safety and acceptance.

  • Laurel has been a professional doula for 5 years.
  • She has attended nearly 100 births, most of which were hypnobirths.
  • She is experienced and comfortable assisting mothers at home, in birthing centers and in hospitals.
  • Laurel knows the Hypnobirthing program forwards and backwards, and is confident in using the relaxation techniques, scripts, and breathing techniques.
  • She is also a Hypnobirthing mom, and has birthed twice in the hospital and once at home in the water.
  • Laurel is a Certified Monitrice, meaning she is trained in performing clinical skills such as cervical exams, fetal heart tones, and maternal vital signs.
  • Laurel offers Placenta Encapsulation Services

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Testimonials from Laurel’s Clients

Rachel Brown

“I was so privileged to have Laurel attend my first birth as my doula! She was constantly available to me throughout my pregnancy to answer any questions, always attentive and interested in my ideas and experiences. I felt that she was genuinely excited about my baby, which made me feel amazing. I used to joke that she was the “fetus whisperer.” Since I was having my baby at home, I wasn’t convinced that I really “needed” a doula, as I imagined they were more necessary in a hospital setting, but I still liked the idea of having Laurel there because she is so supportive and has a wonderful calming energy. I couldn’t have been more mistaken. Doulas are for everyone, no matter what kind of birth you are planning! I was totally naïve to the power of a doula…I am convinced there is no way I would have had such an exceptionally powerful, incredible birthing experience without one! As my labor progressed and became more intense, I was vulnerable in a way I never had been before. The constant affirmation, counter-pressure, acupressure, and massage made all the difference between managing my surges with strength and being totally overwhelmed by them. Even as my contractions got stronger, the counter-pressure and touch brought me so much relief. Many times during my birth I felt that Laurel and my other birth support were literally “carrying” me through my contractions, that we were all experiencing them together. I felt Laurel completely present with me physically and emotionally through my birth. She smoothed my hair, wiped the sweat off my forehead, and encouraged me to keep vocalizing. She was so full of understanding, kind words. She constantly assured me that I was doing beautifully, that I was strong and capable and that my body was wise and knew how to birth my baby. In my vulnerable birthing state, those words meant everything to me, and I became convinced that although it was hard, I could keep going. I knew she believed that I could do it, so I believed it, too! Laurel was also skilled at helping my husband support me with confidence and facilitated him connecting with me through my labor—that created so many beautiful moments for us. After my baby was born, she stayed by my side as we established breastfeeding, fed me pineapple and listened to my manic, garbled rejoicings as I began to process the biggest experience of my life. I felt completely supported and taken care of during my birth, and having been present at other births Laurel attended as a doula, I can attest to her ability to create a calming environment and to be a warm, confident, loving presence regardless of the circumstances of the birth. Laurel is a truly gifted doula and any birthing woman would be lucky to work with her!”

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Erin Kern

Laurel is an amazing doula. I chose her to be my doula because she came highly recommended from so many others. I’m so glad I picked her because I’m sure she played a big part in making my sons birth go as well as it did. On my first meeting with Laurel, she was very friendly and I felt like we were already friends. From then on, it just continued. There was no awkwardness like I was thinking there would be when meeting someone for the first time and from someone that would end up seeing you give birth. She was very open to what I had to say and helped put my fears to ease as well.

During the actual birthing experience, she was calming and soothing, helping to remind me to relax. I was getting ready to go to the hospital before she came over but after she got there, and since she knew my hopes of arriving at the hospital just in time to push my little man out, she calmed me and I ended up laboring another hour at home. During that time, she helped my husband know what he could do to assist me and very much included him. She made sure I stayed hydrated by having a bottle of water for me to sip between each contraction. She would push certain pressure points, and rub and massage me to ease the tension.

I ended up arriving at the hospital fully dilated and could have my baby any time I was ready to. The words of encouragement and guidance didn’t stop there. All through breathing my baby down she was by my side and continued to give reassurance and guidance to my husband and I. Even after giving birth, she helped me to get my son latched on for his first breastfeeding experience. After seeing that we were good and didn’t need any more of her assistance, she left us to bond as a new little family.

A week later she came to check on us and see if we were still doing well. I could tell that she really cared. Laurel’s personality, kind words, and bag of tricks make her the perfect doula. I would highly recommend her to anyone thinking/looking for some extra assistance/ pampering during birth. I am very grateful for her support during one of the most exciting times in my life.

Shayna Stanton

My baby was a month early. I went into labor in the middle of the night and called Laurel to get her advice on whether or not I should try to stop the labor. She was so cheerful on the phone and made me feel okay about calling her in the middle of the night. She did some research right then on the drug the hospital wanted to give me. I decided to delay the labor, but it started again the next day.

Laurel answered the phone whenever I called as I stayed home as long as I felt I could. Finally it was time to go to the hospital. It was 9:00 pm and looked to be a long night. Laurel was right there with me and my husband. She helped him feel comfortable and coached him on what to do to help me through my un-medicated birth. She was great with the hospital staff and with my husband. Most of all she was right there with me when I needed her most, during the most difficult parts of labor. I felt that I was about to hyperventilate, but she coached me to breath deep and low and I was able to keep focused and not panic.

I can’t imagine going through my baby’s birth without her! She has the perfect personality to make the mother and father comfortable. She told me I could do it and I did! It was one of the biggest accomplishments of my life and I am so grateful for Laurel’s encouragement and support.

Debbie Snider

I was so glad to have Laurel as my Doula! One of my biggest regrets from my first labor was not hiring a doula, so when I found out I was pregnant with my second baby, I booked Laurel right away as my doula. She helped me and my husband so much through the labor! She comforted me so perfectly, and helped my husband know how he could best support me. I kept waiting for my labor to get more painful, like it was with my first baby, before I called the midwife, but I was supported so well by Laurel & my husband that labor never reached that point. Consequently, we didn’t call the midwife in time and it was just me, my husband & Laurel there to welcome my baby into the world. Wow! What an awesome experience for all of us, and no worries, the midwife arrived three minutes after birth & everything was perfect! After that, Laurel stayed by my side while I was stitched up and helped me for hours before going home. She is definitely worth the cost! You will not regret hiring Laurel to be your doula!image-3

Will Snider

I expect a lot out of the people helping my wife and I through a pregnancy and delivery… and Laurel excelled!!! I was a husband that started very skeptical of midwives, doulas, and the like, but was pretty thoroughly convinced after attending a few courses. Our experience with our first child was more than 24hrs of stress with 2 minutes of miracle toward the end. Laurel was integral in making this second time enjoyable from beginning to end! She came a few times during the pregnancy to get to know us, and to teach us what she can do and why. She tactfully found out what we were comfortable with, and how she could best support us. During labor and delivery, Laurel worked tirelessly not only to make sure my wife was comfortable, calm, and focused during labor, but also to help me with any other tasks that needed to be done, so that I could more fully focus on my wife. I’m not sure you can understand just how valuable and dedicated Laurel is unless you see her in action. So let me say to anyone reading this, Laurel is amazing! If the chance comes up to hire her again, we’ll be making that phone call without hesitation!

Abby Alger

Laurel’s amazing work changed me from a doubter to a huge doula advocate. At first I didn’t see the value in hiring a doula – I thought my husband would have the knowledge and ability to support me by himself. Through more education and talking with woman who had used doulas I realized that my husband needed support just as much as I did. Throughout my amazing 43 hour labor Laurel was there for both of us when we needed her most. Like most men, my husband had never witnessed a birth and was unaware of how to help me. Laurel gentled showed him techniques to support me during contractions and then let him take over as the primary support. When he needed a break to eat or sleep he could do so in peace knowing Laurel was there for me. She took care of both of us in ways we had no idea we knew we would need before labor and even came after we were home from the hospital to see how we were doing emotionally and help me with breastfeeding. My husband, who was also hesitant to pay for a doula, now encourages other husbands to hire a doula. Our son’s birth would not have been nearly as smooth and beautiful without Laurel’s help. If you are considering hiring her, stop thinking and do it. You won’t regret it!


Kendra Lafferty

I didn’t know much about doulas in the past, and honestly didn’t see much of a need for one until I found myself in a unique situation.  Normally, I would prefer no one else in the delivery room, except me and my husband.  That was how we had our first baby, and it was a good experience.  However, my husband wasn’t going to be able to be present for the birth of our second child.  Obviously I desperately needed someone, preferably someone that had experience! That is when I started looking into doulas and met Laurel.  My experience with her changed my view of the role of a doula.  If I still lived near enough, I would have Laurel as my doula again in a heartbeat! The first time I met Laurel I knew I had to have her as my doula!  She was so interested in me and my baby and genuinely wanted to support me in my choices.  I needed someone that I felt very comfortable with, since I see birth as such a vulnerable and sacred experience. It was very important to me that I felt like I could give birth in her presence without feeling hindered.  Laurel was amazing!  My sister was my birth companion, and with Laurel’s knowledge, they were able to work together so well to help me through labor and birth. Laurel was also a great support to me during the last weeks of my pregnancy.  I was able to contact her with any questions or concerns I had all the way to D-Day.  I wanted a hospital birth, and I wasn’t 100% sure how my birth preferences were actually going to be dealt with by hospital staff, so I especially felt like I needed someone to be there to reinforce my wishes if need be, which she did! Originally, the only reason I sought out a doula was because my husband wasn’t able to be there.  I think there are probably other women that have thought, like I did, that if their husband were there, why would there be a need for a doula?  I am here to tell you that a doula’s knowledge cannot be replaced by your husband!  Laurel and my sister worked together to provide the best possible support I needed; I have no doubt that if it had been my husband there with us, she would have been just as valuable (if not more, because my husband would have benefitted greatly too).  Laurel’s services were worth every penny!  Since we have moved out of state, I can only hope that I can find a doula like Laurel to be there with my husband and I for the birth of our future children!

Brad Myers

My wife and I used the services of Laurel for the birth of my 5 month old, Brea Rose.  She was so very supportive and I know we needed her. Although, at first I wasn’t too sure we needed a doula at all.  I had taken the daddy doula course from Laura, Laurel and Wendy.  I felt I could do it on my own and was hesitant to hire Laurel.  I talked with my wife, who was very for hiring, and we decided that we should go for it.  Even still, I felt I could do it. We had appointments in the comfort of Laurel’s home.  She helped us plan out the birth and get the necessary birth items acquired, etc.  These visits were so much fun and very calming.  I still wasn’t fully convinced. The day of the birth arrived.  My wife had done a scheduled induction, which we told Laurel about, and we started the induction process. We let Laurel know how everything was going.  When the induction got to the point of needing some extra help, I got ahold of Laurel and she was there within 15 minutes.  It was as the induction got further along, that I realized how much I needed Laurel.  My wife didn’t need Laurel, I did.  Laurel helped my wife through surges while I dealt with the medical staff at the hospital.  When I was unable to deal with the staff, Laurel dealt with them.  Laurel was by our side as a doctor performed an exam on my wife that not only hurt her, but shut down her labor.  Laurel stood by us and pushed, with us, to have a new doctor.  Our new doctor arrived and labor picked back up.  Laurel was holding my wife’s hand and talking to her as she pushed Brea out.  I was holding my wife’s leg and unable to speak to her.  Laurel cheered and praised my wife once Brea was out. Laurel is an amazing woman and an amazing doula.  I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that our birth team needed to have Laurel there.  She was everything that we needed her to be without us having to ask.  She was there on the spot without a second thought and her attitude of peace and humor helped labor continue.  She brought a excited calm that made everyone in the room stoked to be a part of this experience.  I would recommend Laurel to any and every couple having a child.      

Mary Grace Gray

“When we were looking for a Doula for our second birth I asked around and got a lot of recommendations for Laurel. We exchanged a few messages, but when I took the hynobirthing class I was able to finally meet her on the daddy doula training class and we realized why she came so highly recommended. She had a positive energy and instilled a lot of confidence as we got to know her in the class. During her initial visit to our home we were able to explain the kind of birth we wanted, explain our experience with our first birth and explain some of our concerns. She was very receptive, respectful, and truly kept us and our wishes in the forefront of the discussion. We were so pleased with the way she made us feel comfortable and heard. When I went into labor she dropped everything and came to our house. I was much further along than I had expected and she helped us recognize that if we wanted to have the water birth we planned that we would need to leave as soon as possible. I didn’t believe I was as far along as she did, but she was firm and convinced us that now was the time (I was dilated to a 9 on my first exam at the hospital). She was able to read my body language and was attentive to my needs giving me prompts on how to stay calm and was always there to help with counter pressure and pressure points when I needed it. In a few moments of panic she was able to bring me back. One of the greatest parts of having Laurel as our doula is that she was such a great team member with my husband. She looked out for both of us, making sure both of us were hydrated. She got me towels, listened to my needs (verbal and nonverbal), reassured me that I can do it, and even reassured me that it was OK to pee in the tub if I really needed to. You’d never expect those kinds of things would be so helpful. After my daughter was born Laurel stayed with me while my husband and little one were being with NICU nurses. In a situation I would have normally been alone while I delivered the placenta and was treated by our midwife, Laurel held my hand and made me feel cared for. She even helped establish breastfeeding. If you want someone who is kind, loving, supportive, and really cares, Laurel is by far your doula. If we have any more babies she will be my doula. Hands down she is the best at what she does.”

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