Erin’s intervention and medication-free hospital birth

September 28, 2012

This is Erin’s epic third birth. I absolutely love this story, because she goes into a lot of detail about what she was feeling, both physically and emotionally. I had to interject my comments, because her perception of the birth was so different from mine. Erin was one of my most relaxed moms ever, and literally had the easiest and calmest transition and crowning I have ever seen. 

When I told my baby not to come until after Christmas, OR not to come in the car on the way to the hospital I had no idea how literally he would take me. Christmas day 2011 was a crazy day. With all the things we had going on we couldn’t open our gifts until four thirty in the afternoon. I had been telling my four year old, Hayden, that he would be getting a baby brother after Christmas. He was very excited. As a matter of fact, after all our gifts were open he turned to me and stated matter of factly, “Now you can have my baby brother!” I giggled and told him that I didn’t think his brother would be coming for a few more days! Well, it was time for us to go to dinner at my wonderful mother-in-law’s. I got on my shoes, did up my coat the best I could since it looked like I had a massive addiction to watermelon seeds, and started for the door. That’s when a tight sensation electrified my abdomen and lower back. “I have never felt anything like this yet! Hmmm…,” I thought as I walked out the door.

I decided that I would wait to say anything and see if I had another sensation like that. If I did I would time them and see how close together they are. We got down to my in law’s and I started serving myself up some food. I went to go sit down and another hit me. I pulled out my phone and started timing them. Every half hour I had a surge. I decided that maybe we should go to the Hospital just in case. I told my mom-in-law that I was surging asked if she would stay with our other two boys that night. She said she would but asked if we would mind getting them in bed first. I thought that would be ok. The surges were only twenty minutes apart now. We had time. My sister-in-law wanted to come and witness the birth since she wanted to be a doula and needed to witness some births. So we called her and she came over to time my surges. We got home and the surges started coming faster and harder. Lachelle, my sis-in-law, started timing them and declared that they were two minutes apart! WHAT!!!!? NOT GOOD!

Our hospital was an hour and a half away! We were going to labor at our doula’s in Pleasant Grove! I doubted we would be doing that now. Besides, the surges were really strong! “I am NOT having this baby in the CAR!” I shouted in my head. Finally, Reuben got the kids in bed and mom got there to stay with the boys. I kept having surges UNTIL I got in the car. As a matter of fact, I only had two surges the entire way to our doula’s, we decided to go there since it seemed as though things had slowed down. Lachelle followed us up so she could learn from the best doula around; I felt so bad because she would have to turn around as soon as we got there. We arrived at Laura’s house, our doula, and decided to see what would happen. I decided to stay up and move around since it was the only way to keep things moving. I did surge A LOT while I would walk around but the minute I would sit down everything would stop. Soon Laura suggested we do a relaxation session, I did a hypnobirth, and then kindly offered us a bed.

She did the session with me and after asked if I had one single surge at all. “Shoot! No.” I felt a little flat. “You three are welcome to stay the night but I don’t think he’s coming tonight.” I felt a bit more flat. Lachelle decided to head home since this baby obviously wasn’t going to come tonight. Now I felt deflated. All of this for nothing?!! I was sure I was in labor! I had to be! Either I was in labor or my body thought my belly was getting so big that it started doing crunches on it’s own! Well, I decided there wasn’t anything I could do about it so I tried to get some sleep. No sooner had I closed my eyes and my body decided to start it’s excersize routine again. Ok then! Now I was just confused! Was this baby coming or not? I wish he’d make up his mind! Well I guess he thought the world may be a good place to be because the surges didn’t stop. I started doing my breathing and started to get deeper and deeper into relaxation. As I met each surge I would get more and more relaxed.

I had no concept of time or space. I barely noticed my sweet husband coaching me through each surge. I honestly think that if Chicken Little’s prophesy would have come to pass, I wouldn’t have noticed. I just kept going deeper within myself. I could barely hear Laura and my husband talking in the background. However, I did notice that they were trying to make a decision. “I’ve been timing your surges and they are erratic but close. You are also so quiet. I don’t know what’s going on.” “I’m in labor.” Pause. “Yes you are! Can I check you?” “Ok.” I don’t remember the check but I do remember her saying, “Um… time to go, I think!” I had been wondering why no one had caught on to that fact yet. Now as I reflect it was probably because I didn’t tell anyone that fact!

I really didn’t want to move and get back in the car again, but I did. I also told my baby at this time to hold on. Now was not a good time to come. We were in the car AGAIN and the side of the road was not an appropriate place to be born. He was very obedient! He didn’t come on the side of the road. We arrived at Riverton Hospital and my surges were so intense now that it felt like I had been doing crunches NON STOP for the last nine months instead of carrying a baby! My husband left the car running as he wheeled me up to the labor and delivery. I found out later that our car remained parked out there by the doors and running the entire time. WHOOPS! Glad no one wanted to steal it! They decided to register me in the delivery room. My cute hubby answered all of their questions as I sat in the wheel chair and waited, AND waited, AND waited…, AND WAITED! Finally I jumped out of the wheel chair and stripped NAKED, waltzed over to the bed and laid down! This baby was coming NOW! HELLO!!!

I’m sure I shocked, if not HORRIFYED, everyone in the room. My own jaw would have been severely bruised from hitting the floor if I hadn’t been so drunk on my own endorphins! The nurses got the baby monitor on me and I hated it! I didn’t remember loathing the machine with my other two! This was a new experience. The nurse checked me since my membranes had still not released. I heard her say “seven”. ” WHAT?!?! Someone go get a ruler. I’m more like a fifteen!” I was convinced the nurse was sick that day in grade school when they discussed measurement. I decided to ignore it and keep breathing because I KNEW this baby was coming. I kept hearing everyone comment on how quiet I was. That was until I felt a tiny little head stretching my bottom and a scream ripped out of my throat! I was so embarrassed about that scream for two reasons! I wanted to be quiet not screamy! Also, it sounded like something that came from a witch being boiled alive on Halloween! What a wimp I turned out to be!

Honestly! If I had to scream couldn’t it have at least been something that sounded more joyful? It was supposed to sound like something I would do during love making! I honestly hoped I didn’t sound like that during, well, that! But, after the scream I heard my midwife say the head was out. All I could think was, “Oh yeah! I have a midwife. That’s right. I wonder when she got here…! Did she hear me scream like a boiled witch?!?!?” Soon his shoulders were out with one more surge. And with his own scream, his sounded a lot cuter than mine, he announced his arrival into the world. I was totally in love, and still drunk, as they placed him on my chest. Then the nurse asked me if I would ever do a natural birth again? At that moment I thought, “Um No.”

Now as I look back, hold my incredible and incredibly alert and mild Dane, and the intensity of the surges have faded from memory I definately have to say that I would do it this way again. I won’t do it any other way if I can help it. It was such a beautiful experience and I often find myself wishing it wasn’t over. Every time I look at my little Dane I think about his birth. I realize how strong I am. THE END

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