Did you know a hospital birth can look like this?

November 3, 2016


Tayler’s Second Birth: A quick, comfortable Water Birth in the Hospital

“I had a really long labor (36 hours) with my first. I had a lot of fear that I would have that long of labor again with my second. With the help of Lauralyn Curtis’s class and my Doula Danielle Wilstead I was able to progress so fast and have a smooth and comfortable birth with no fear. He was born at the U of U with the waterbirth study.

Here we are, it’s one week postpartum, I have my baby boy sleeping next me and I’m writing the story of his birthday.

At 40 weeks I started to feel pretty discouraged. I was just so ready to have him in my arms. It was really just me being impatient, but I trusted my body and knew baby would do what he needed when the time was right. I remember thinking and even telling Nate that I wanted him to come any day except Sunday, which was September 11th. So of course that’s the day he decided to arrive. However, I feel like he’s taken a sad day and made it wonderful one, now full of light. So I’m happy for that.

I woke up that morning at exactly 41 weeks feeling some cramping. Since I had been having a lot of practice labor the past week. I told Nate and we decided to not get too excited just yet. We just hung out that morning, I rested and just watch a movie. I tried my best to ignore them. Around 10 AM things started to pick up a little bit and the expansions (our word for contractions) were starting to feel a little stronger. I still wasn’t convinced it was anything serious but I did call my midwife and told her to keep the tub room available for me at the hospital, just in case. I text Danielle, my doula, that this “might’ be it.

As the morning went on I noticed that my body was starting to want to be in certain positions during expansions. My hips started to sway and then I was finally convinced it was real! Baby was on his way!

Nate suggested I go take a bath and listen to my relaxation tracks. I was able to lay down and relax for about 5 minutes before my body made me stand up. I was in a good place and feeling relaxed even through my expansions. My down time (in between expansions) was also so great! I really enjoyed myself.

I got in some comfy clothes and decided to labor on the toilet for a while. My keyword for labor was “opening”. So during expansions I would relax and repeat this over and over again in my mind. During each expansion I could literally feel myself dilating. It was amazing.

At around 12pm I started to moan through my expansions. They were really starting to intensify. My mind started telling me that I would be more comfortable at the hospital but I kept holding myself back. My first labor was 36 hours so I thought there was no way it was time to go to the hospital. Things were getting intense and I felt like I needed Nate there with me. He was running around the house getting stuff ready to go.

Things felt to be processing really fast. I told Nate we needed to go to the hospital. Nate’s parents finally arrived and I was able to say a quick goodbye to our older son. I wish I had more time to hug and kiss him but I felt like I needed to leave quick. I got in the front seat of the car and I was on my knees facing backwards. The drive to the hospital was the hardest part of my labor. Looking back, I realize that I was going through transition in the car! I was just so ready for it to be over. I asked Nate “why do we do this!” “I’m never doing this again”!

Finally we got to the hospital. I was so happy to get there. Nate got me a wheelchair and he ran me inside. I was having an expansion as we went through the lobby. We got a fair share of looks. People were so polite and gave us the elevator.

We checked in and I was expecting to have a few more hours of labor at the hospital. They wanted to check me and I agreed. To our surprise I was a 9.5 cm dilated! Nate and I were in shock. Danielle my doula got there and started doing counter pressure. It felt so good to finally have some support from her. Nate and I were in denial the whole time about how fast I was progressing. Nate ran downstairs to move the car and I got wheeled over to my room. They had the tub filling up for me. I got right in and I could feel my body pushing out the baby. I wasn’t voluntarily pushing at all. 

I was getting so nervous that because Nate wasn’t back yet. Soon enough he ran back in the room. I was panting to keep my body from pushing out the baby too quickly. I really didn’t want to tear. I was on my knees in the tub and I reached down, it felt like I was giving birth to a jellyfish. One more expansion and he was out with no push from me at all. He was born entirely en caul (in the amniotic sac). I grabbed him and the waters around him finally broke.

I pulled him up out of the water. The cord was around his neck twice. My midwife gently unwound it and I put him on my chest. That moment of complete bliss and relief. I looked at Nate. We were completely in shock of what just happened and how fast everything went. We weren’t expecting that at all. I was so I love with this little soul at first look.

My midwives helped me out of the tub and onto the bed. The piled us up with warm blankets as Nate and I were just falling in love with our baby. We stayed skin to skin for an hour. He looked up at me with his big blue eyes and started nursing perfectly. Giving birth is the most transcendent experiences of my life. I was so mentally prepared this time that my labor was so fast and smooth. I trusted my body and baby. It was such a magical day and went exactly as I pictured it in my head. Five hours from start to finish!”


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