Christy’s First Birth: Arrives at hospital at 9 cm and births baby in a standing position!

April 8, 2015

This Curtis Method Mama’s labor progressed quickly and she arrived at the hospital ready to push! She listened to her body, and remained in a standing position to birth her baby, while her wonderful Certified Nurse Midwife, Doula and Partner all worked together seamlessly to support her. I love that Christy and her birth team used humor during her labor as a way to relax and get those endorphins flowing. Beautifully done. 

“After attending Lauralyn Curtis’s hypnobirthing class we decided to look into hiring a doula. We were at 36 weeks pregnant, and felt confident that we could go through the birth just fine on our own, but the thought of having the additional guidance and support was just too good to pass up.

Carleigh was the only doula we interviewed; we knew right away it was Carleigh or no doula at all. She was very knowledgeable, had been trained as a doula by Lauralyn Curtis, and her sense of humor won my husband over immediately. I knew we were going to make a great support team.

Over the few weeks we met with Carleigh to review hypno scripts, and to prepare for the upcoming birth. On March 30th, and at 39 weeks pregnant my husband finished our kitchen remodel project and whispered to my tummy “Ok baby you can come out now.” Little did he know that I had already had my first contraction about 30 min prior. Throughout the night I had mild surges or what I thought to be uncomfortable cramping. Being our first time I didn’t know what to expect or what surges felt like. At 7 am I sent Carleigh a text & picture of the contraction counter app- letting her know what was going on. She reminded me to stay relaxed, to breathe and to listen to the hypno scripts, and keep her updated as things progressed. I then sent a text to my boss letting him know I would be working from home as I might be going into labor.

At about 1pm my surges were getting more intense, however they were not consistent enough for me to feel like I was true labor, I was still thinking this was just practice labor. During each surge my husband would apply the counter pressure and other techniques taught in our class to help me get through them. Finally around 6pm my surges were still not consistently 5 minutes apart, however they were very intense; we decided it was time to go to the hospital. Carleigh meet us at the hospital. Our birth plan was to deliver in the water however by the time we got to our room I was dilated to a 9 and starting to feel the urge to push, so they decided there would not be enough time to set up the tub. Carleigh not only helped us adjust to the new birth plan she also assisted the nursing staff, making sure everything she could do ensured it was happening as it should.

During pushing Carleigh suggested that we chant the word “Out” in low tones to help my pelvic floor open and release. We had everyone chanting that word including the nursing staff and midwife, it was our own birthing mantra. Unfortunately because I have the typical Utah accent I do not always say my “T’s” so the word often came out as “Ow” which was chanted the loudest. During each surge Carleigh and my husband cracked jokes, and helped me to prepare for the next surge. At one point we all broke out in song singing “Sugar Sugar” and Madonna’s “Material Girl” the whole time Carleigh continued to hold me up and assist with every surge, her hands were constantly comforting me and I always knew she was right there.

Finally after almost 3 hours of pushing and one big glorious push, our baby arrived. I was so thankful to have had Carleigh there not only to offer support, and sing with, but to also capture that glorious moment when we saw our baby for the first time.

I am so grateful to have learned the Curtis Method of hypnobirthing which gave us the tools and the knowledge to have a natural and dare I say easy birth. I am even more grateful to Carleigh for being part of our birth, making it a special experience I will never forget.”

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