Cathryn’s Second Birth: Fast, Unmedicated Curtis Method Birth

December 22, 2015


I woke at 6 a.m. on the day of our birth, and was feeling more wave-like sensations, rather than just Braxton hicks tightening. I waited a few minutes and then woke up my husband to tell him I thought early labor had started. I took a bath and the waves didn’t settle down, but were still inconsistent. I went on with my day doing my hair and make-up and doubting if I was really in labor. My husband made me breakfast and we ate outside with our toddler. I then had some spotting so by 10:00 a.m. and realized things were starting to progress!

We thought it was going to be a day spent with these irregular contractions until noon rolled around and things got much stronger. I was bouncing on my ball, laughing at my toddler, sitting backwards on the toilet, and breathing through my waves. After that I got on all fours and started listening to a relaxation track. The waves really started picking up so my husband called my doula, Latissa. Thank goodness for Latissa, she told us it was time to meet at the hospital.

We checked into the hospital at 1:18 p.m. I went into a temporary triage room while they got the birthing room ready. Two nurses offered me a wheelchair, but I declined until I walked through the doors and had another wave and one nurse said, “I’m getting you a wheelchair!

Once I got to triage I was hooked up to the fetal monitor for the 20-minute strip, while laying on my back (which I discovered I really don’t like!). My midwife Josi checked me and I was dilated to a four. Latissa arrived and we took off the fetal monitoring so that I could get up on all fours. John put on a relaxation track while Latissa rubbed a cold stone on my back. She and Josi squeezed my hips, pressed on my shoulders, and on my knees during a contraction. That was so helpful!

I felt the urge to push before I even got to the delivery room. I was sure I needed to use the bathroom, but instead I just pushed and out gushed my waters all over the floor. It felt like a jelly fish had just fallen out of me. They helped me lay down on the bed to have a saline lock started. The paramedic student turned on a fluorescent light which really agitated me. I started to tense up, then he missed my vein and dropped the IV on the floor, so Josi flipped the light off and Latissa asked if I wanted to get on the birthing ball and helped me get on it and Josi did the IV herself. They really helped me calm back down.

By this point I was so hot Latissa asked if I wanted my gown off and I said, “yes!” She helped me take it off and said, “Sounds good! A lot of women birth in the nude!” I kept saying I needed to go the bathroom, so Josi insisted I get on the bed to be checked. I got one leg up on the bed and had the urge to push again. I automatically got up on all fours and just started pushing. There wasn’t time to see how dilated I was. She was born four minutes from the time I started pushing. I dilated from a four to a ten in 27 minutes and I was at the hospital for 40 minutes before baby girl entered this world.

As soon as baby was out and I some how ended up laying back down. I smiled with enthusiasm and said, “I did it guys! I did it! That was amazing!” Everyone laughed, cheered and congratulated me. That room was full of nothing but love and support! Welcome to our family Maelee Kate Morgan!

A special thanks to Latissa Graham for being an advocate for me during birth, holding my hand, doing counter pressure, and for all the encouragement. Also thank you to Lauralyn Curtis for preparing me to give birth unmedicated through her Hypnobirthing classes. I highly recommend every woman whether they want to go for an unmedicated or not, take the classes and hire Latissa!

-Cathryn Morgan


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Leanne May 26, 2016 at 8:23 am

That sounds amazing! In a hospital too, that’s awesome. Most hospital births I hear about just go all wrong. I’m glad you did what YOU wanted to do in this process, not just what the nurses wanted.

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