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October 2, 2010

Sterling Silver 3 Dimensional Birthmates Necklace

Birthmates Necklace

How beautiful are these necklaces? The birthmates necklace above is my favorite. I love the sensual, supportive way the dad is holding his partner as she births. What a beautiful birthing image to carry around with you. I think I may have to buy one…

This one is called “Goddess of Abundance” . I love it because it depicts the position I spent most of my third labor in, at home on my couch, until I got into my tub. Maybe it’s the yogi in me, but sitting cross-legged feels so centering and calming.

Goddess of Abundance Necklace

Goddess of Abundance

And of course, the image of a baby at the breast is one of the warmest, sweetest sights in life. It is the epitome of love, closeness and comfort.

Sterling Silver Breastfeeding Mother Necklace

Breastfeeding Mother

What a concrete way to keep the image of your ideal birth close to you. I am a very tactile person, and have always liked the feeling of wearing jewelry that is personally significant. I have a little silver pendant of Tinkerbell, which I have worn since I was 15, and it reminds me of the little girl who I believe is waiting for me, somewhere in the universe. But I want one of these necklaces to celebrate the three beautiful children I have already been blessed to carry and birth.

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