Baby born underwater, in the sack

March 4, 2011

Many people believe that, if a laboring woman’s membranes haven’t released before she begins pushing, that they must be ruptured artificially with an amniotomy hook. This is simply not true. Babies are surrounded by the amniotic sack for several good reasons:

  1. It protects both the baby and the mother from infection, particularly if the mother is GBS positive. The best-case scenario for a GBS+ mother is to have her baby born in the sac.
  2. The amniotic fluid gives the baby a “cushion” so that he or she can easily turn into the best position for labor. A posterior baby needs his waters intact! Think of marbles packed tightly in a glass jar: if you wanted to get them “unstuck” what would you do? Add water to the container.
  3. It prevents cord-prolapse, which is one of the most serious complications of labor. The baby is buoyant, and is therefore less likely to compress the umbilical cord.
  4. It keeps the laboring woman “off the clock” during birth. Most care providers expect moms to deliver within 24 hours of the release of membranes. If your waters are intact, and your contractions slow or even stop, you are in no rush and have all the time you need to use natural methods to get labor moving again.

Here is an AMAZING video of a HypnoBirthing mother delivering her baby in the sack. It looks like she is birthing a silvery water balloon, with a little face inside. Once the baby is fully born, the sack is gently removed from the baby’s face so he can take his first breath. Remember that babies don’t need to breathe immediately after birth!!! They are still getting all the oxygen they need from the placenta, through the cord. It’s like they are wearing scuba gear.


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cassia batts May 6, 2011 at 10:58 am

that was insane! wow!

Brenda Hitchcock September 20, 2011 at 3:54 pm

My daughter delivered in a pool, what a wonderful experience it was for her. Eased her pain and seemed to expedite her laboring. Baby Mitchell was born in his sac, our midwife had quite a time clearing the sac from his face. This sac was tough stuff. Anyway all is well, Mitchell is Beautiful! And we would highly recommend a water birth to anyone with a normal, low risk pregnancy going on.

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