Arvilla’s First Birth: An Unexpected Vaginal Breech Birth without Fear

February 22, 2014

Arvilla had an incredibly powerful hypnobirth. She birthed without fear even during a scary situation (discovering the baby was breech at the last second). I love that Arvilla found her voice during this birth and learned how strong she truly is. 


I call my husband into the bathroom. The pee stick was positive we were having a baby. He knew it in my voice when I called him. I flopped on the bed face down freaking out, listening to the voices in my head.

Holy cow am I ready for this?
Yes I am totally ready to be a mom.
Wait, oh my god I’m gonna be a mom.
What if the baby hates me?
What if its a girl?

I was freaking out about childbirth and watching youtube videos and I was yelling to Kyle across the house, “my vagina will never be the same.” He just laughed. I watched this one video of this girl in water and she was so calm and breathing normally and the baby just came out. I found myself crying and totally emotional about this. I was like if she can do that I can too. So, I decided on doing a completely unmedicated vaginal waterbith.


Many of my friends and family didn’t support or understand my decision but what mattered the most was my husband loved my birth plan. We are total opposites about everything but the one thing we agreed upon was our baby from birthing plans to raising the baby. His support got me through the pregnancy.

At 16 weeks we a had gender check ultrasound and hearing the heart beat hit me every time that I was creating life inside me. I wanted to do something special to find out what the gender. Kyle and I bought a pair of girl shoes and boy shoes and put them in identical boxes and wrote B and G on the bottom of them. We explained it the the technician to give us the right box and not tell us the gender. We couldn’t wait until we got home, so we opened the box in the car and the shoes were pink.

We were having a girl!!!

In our second trimester, we took a Hypnobirthing class with Lauralyn Curtis that changed my expectations about birthing and gave me confidence and strength in my birthing plan, even when people around me doubted me. I took breastfeeding, newborn care and Comfort measures classes. I read Ina Mays, ‘Guide to Childbirth’, that made me feel loved and supported about my decision about my all natural birthing plans.

I hired a doula for more support, who was amazing at listening to my needs, educating me with books and just being there for me. Honestly, leaning on people is really hard for me to do, and in my pregnancy I leaned a lot. I opened up more about my feelings and I think it helped me stay strong for my birth.

I exercised doing Zumba and Pilates up until 20 weeks and then started doing water Zumba and Prenatal Yoga. I commuted two hours every day for work of and I walked to work from the train which was great time for me to sing to her. I was in great shape every week and felt so happy to be pregnant. I didn’t let being pregnant stop my life or my happy personality.

My midwife was awesome, she listened to me at my appointments after the exam. We listened to the heartbeat and she said everything looks good, heart rates good, heads down and your gaining good weight each week.

birthloveWe know its getting closer to the due date and I’ve having back labor on and off for two weeks. I’m having surges all day Saturday but they are not rhythmic. Sunday, my husbands birthday we go to breakfast and go about the day normally. I heard that walking stairs helps and we went to Harmons Grocery store at 9pm and walked up and down the stairs for 20 minutes. We got home and the surges were 2 minutes apart back to back. Oh this is happening and I was fearless. Kyle called our midwife and told us to come in. We have a 40 minute drive so we thought it was good idea to head down to Pleasant Grove. I closed my eyes and thought about opening up and practiced my breathing.

I get to the birthing center and they do a vaginal exam and I am 2 cm dilated. But Iarvillaserene didn’t want to know (due to my easily discouraged temperament) We labor on the ball, we eat dinner, we laugh and my surges start to slow down. Kyle, Tracy my doula and I all go for a walk at 1 in the morning around town laughing and cracking jokes. Its helped right away, I get into the tub, the water was so hot. I was sweating. The water slowed me down again. I labor on the bed, walk around, and go to the bathroom.

kissIts the next morning and they check me and I’m 8 cm. I’m so tired and bleary eyed at this point, I didn’t sleep. I’m so happy to get back into the water and ready to push her out. My eyes are closed for hours and hours just breathing. Everyone just sits around for support and no one bothers me. Some funny things I did during labor was bite my husbands arm and my doula recorded me saying “think of a happy place, think of kittens.”


My midwife found meconium in the water. She said get out now, the baby is breech. I had no idea what was happening, it happened so fast. I’m thinking “they are gonna fix this, right?” but – no. They can not do anything at this point.

I get on all fours on the floor with all my lady bits exposed. Kyle’s sitting in front of me, telling me everything is going to be okay and holding me hand, never leaving my side the whole time. My midwife asks me if I want to transfer. I said no. They explain they delivered a breech baby two weeks prior and they never lost one, which gave me hope that I could do this too.

And I realize I’m gonna push her out vaginally. Butt first.

Screams and moaning turn to breathing and roaring like a lion, according to witnesses. They call in a breech specialist and she tells me to use all the power in the scream and hold my breath to push. I didn’t know how to do this but somehow it clicked and I managed to push her out one body part at time. 

Apparently, I started shaking my hips, and tweaked her out into the world. It felt natural.

I didn’t know how serious this birth was, it was a life and death kind of situation. She’s came out blue and they have to do CPR on her. Everyone in the room is saying “Breathe baby – breathe!’ I tell Kyle she’s gonna be okay. I’m not a religious person but I believed my grandparents were there and Kyle’s dad too, making sure she came back to us.

meetingbabyavoreenThen she made a noise, her eyes were open big and bright and the first thing you noticed about her were her dimples. The midwives told me later the cord was wrapped around her neck a few times and she saved her life by being breech. Because the strangest part is her heart rate never changed the during the 17 hours of labor with her, giving us no indication anything was wrong. She is my strong fighter.

We named her Avoreen Luna which means born of song and moon, born on November 18, 2013, 6 lb. 8 oz at 20.5 inches long. She is our fate baby, my fighter and my little love. I delivered her on all fours roaring like a lion. I don’t feel like I did anything amazing, I just did what I felt was right and for me and it was.


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Cindy Jimenez February 23, 2014 at 9:52 am

Dear Arvilla, Kyle and Avoreen,
I was so happy to read about your birthing experience, I knew you and Kyle were making the right decision for you both and for Avoreen! God planned for you to be Avoreen’s parents! She is so cute! You are a fighter and that is where she gets it from! Hope to here from you soon through email or Facebook!

AUNT Cindy

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