Areli’s First Birth: Completely intervention and medication-free hospital birth! Baby is born in the Amniotic Sac!

December 15, 2012

My name is Areli, I am the mother of Maiaa Yzabel Dennis and I am here to tell you all our perfect birth story.

Maiaa was Born on Thursday the 13th at 11:47 pm. She weighed 6lbs and 5 ounces. She was born in The Mt. Timpanogos Hospital, and a midwife and a nurse were the ones who delivered her, just as i planned… no doctors.

Our story starts with me thinking to myself, when is my baby going to arrive? Maiaa’s “Due Date” was September 3rd and she was a week and 5 days “Over Due” well I kept asking myself, is what I’m feeling contractions? All this pressure and constant cramps that never went away. Well little did I know that contractions were very different. I kept researching on the Internet how contractions felt and how to know If I were in labor, but I guess you can’t really explain a first time mom exactly how it feels. You can try but she really won’t understand until she goes through it.
Well I understood what labor was when I woke up around 12 A.M.  wondering why my constant cramps weren’t constant anymore and why they would come and go, but this time with sharp back pain, and I felt like I had to go to the bathroom and perform the #2 and so I kept going to the bathroom but nothing would happen. So I went back to bed and turned on my HypnoBirthing play-list and started doing my breathing and fell back asleep. Then I woke up around 4 am with stronger contractions but very manageable. So I stayed very calm and started timing them. I got a bagel with cream cheese and went back to lay down until 6:30A.M (when my husband gets up to get ready for work) so I told him I believe that I’m in labor, my contractions are about 15-10 min apart but they are constant. He said okay well I’ll get ready for work and you call me when they are closer together and you want to get ready to go deliver this baby.
By the time it was 8 am my contractions were 5 min apart and I didn’t let my husband go to work cause I told him to get my lunch box ready with food and crackers and stuff cause I was going to have to go and deliver this baby soon. So we went to Walmart to get me the things that I was craving. By 11 I was walking around Walmart having contractions 2 minutes apart 1 -2 minutes long, but the contractions were so easy to handle with my breathing that I thought it was too easy to be true, and I was so relaxed the entire time, well we got back home and Packed our goodies bag and we were going to head over to see a house we were planning on buying cause we had an appointment to go see it, so I ran to the bathroom to empty my bladder and that is when I got a 10 minute contraction that scared me to death… I was sweating, wanting to kill someone. I called my husband and told him and he told me to relax and as soon as it went away I was fine but second guessed going to see that house.
My contractions went back to being 2 min apart and 1-2 minutes long and no way near as painful as the 10 minute long one. So I called the Midwives and they told me to come in and get checked at the Central Utah Clinic so that I didn’t have to go to the hospital and deal with them ;) so I went and got checked at around 1:30 pm and I was dilated to a 5. I was for sure in labor, and I was thinking to my self if this is labor this is easy… But I like to be prepared and hate driving in traffic so I doubted that I wanted to drive to the hospital later when my contractions got stronger so I told my Husband (De-Wayne) to get me a type of sandwich that I was craving and take me to the hospital so that I can get in the tub and relax and be prepared for the stronger contractions. When we arrived I got the nice room with the tub and got In the tub immediately. My midwives had called ahead and told them that I was on my way. We arrived at the hoapital at 2:30pm and my husband gave them our birth-plan and the nurses were amazing, they didn’t even bother me and they followed our birth plan very well. I was laughing and having fun with my husband in between contractions. And my husband kept saying you don’t look in pain, look at you laughing and being silly.
Well the contractions got stronger at around 4 PM and I was dilated to a 6. I put all my training and the Lord into work and was checked again at round 8 pm and was dilated to a 7 by then, which made me upset. Going from a 6 to a 7 in 5 hours seemed very slow to me. (I know my labor stalled because the midwife mentioned to me when she checked me that if I kept dilating that quickly that my baby would be born around 8:00 pm…… and that terrified me cause my entire family always talked about the last hour of pushing and how terrible and painful it was, so I stalled) But then the process picked up. I almost gave up twice (once around 4:30pm and once around 8pm) cause I was getting really tired, but kept going cause I remembered all of my training and knowledge and just couldn’t let my little girl get drugged. All I kept thinking was, I can do this, the baby will eventually have to come out haha.  But my husband and the midwife kept talking about how calm I looked and that anyone could walk in and think that I was just taking a bath with an audience. But let me tell you, every contraction hurt, although I was so calm and my body was relaxed, so a part of me would just giggle inside at the thought of women saying that they had a painless birth and that even some orgasmed during the labor…. but that was definitely not the case for me…
I do remember just wanting to kill some one towards the end because I just wanted it to be over… but thanks to my wonderful husband and him putting pressure on my back, I was still able to get super relaxed and felt like it was still do-able… I know right, mixed feelings. Anyways, I was checked at 8 pm and my water was still intact and I was dilated to an 8 or 9. But the cervix was still very thin. So I kept going strong, with tons of fear to get to the end, because people say that the pushing is the worst. The Midwife kept wanting to break my water but I just wanted everything to happen on its own so I just ignored her suggestions, and kept thinking to myself, all of this is suppose to be able to happen naturally outside of the hospital so no I can do this without interrupting the process and changing nature’s course… But I just remember her asking me a ton if she could break my water… It got really annoying!!! She believed that breaking my water would speed things up. So she kept asking me and I would simply stay calm and quiet cause I was afraid to open my mouth and have the answer be “yes go ahead and do it, I just want this to be over” so what I did instead was shut my mouth and act like if she didn’t even ask.
She checked me again around 10 cause I was so tired and wanted to get a small idea about how much longer this would take….. and she said I was at an 8 and that my cervix was very thin. But this goes to show that the whole dilation doesn’t tell you crap cause I got the sensation to start pushing as she checked me and it got even stronger around 11:10pm… And my water was still intact. I kept going strong.
The pushing was VERY intense but I found out that it was my favorite part, cause I had so much energy, kind of like when you are running a marathon and you can see the end from where you are, so you put all of the energy that you have left to finish strong and you get this adrenaline that just makes your body feel better, even though you are working 10 times harder to finish, the pain is still there, very strong but it kind of becomes the background of what you are doing and all you can focus on is to finish strong.
I don’t know why people say the end is the worst, cause I would rather do the last 40 min with all of that adrenaline any day, rather than labor for the 11+ intense hours of crazy strong contractions. Anyways, I felt the burning sensation and wanted to take my time pushing but the nurse told me that I needed to birth Maiaa quickly cause she was having a hard time breathing so I had to give it my all quickly, and I remember feeling her head coming in and out. And then she was finally born.
My husband, De-Wayne caught the baby, and cut the umbilical cord. De-Wayne was there the whole time and I can’t emphasize how important it is to have your partner there cause he was the best support I could have ever had. He was a pro at helping sooth me through every contraction. Cause he would put pressure in the small of my back while a contraction was going on, and it would just take some of the pain away. De-Wayne was seriously my hero. He fell in love with the baby as soon as she was born. By the way, my water stayed in-tact the entire time,  and I read that it is considered to be a very special thing, because it is VERY rare. It is called “en caul”, a French word. It is said that baby born en caul is a very lucky baby.
The birth process is Amazing. And even though I went through all that pain I am a big fan of the process, but I don’t want to do it again ANY TIME SOON. Sorry for so much detail, but I figured it is better to have more detail than not enough.

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