Andrea’s First Birth: A comfortable hypno-labor and confident surgical birth

October 31, 2014


Curtis Method Childbirth Education Classes emphasize the importance of active birth, partner involvement, and evidence based maternity care. Every birth love-story is honored and celebrated… whether vaginal or surgical, home or hospital, medicated or natural. We firmly believe that part of “birthing without fear” is understanding ALL of your birth options and feeling prepared to courageously meet any unexpected turn of your birth journey.

This first-time couple had a beautiful hypno-labor at home and arrived at the hospital dilated to a 7! Their journey took some unexpected turns, and they welcomed their baby via surgical birth. They had an empowered, positive surgical birth, in which mom was treated with respect and dignity. Way to go, Andrea and Justin!


I just wanted to send a quick thanks for the great hypnobirthing class! Our baby was born last month and everything we learned was so helpful for the remainder of pregnancy, and in helping us get our baby here. I’m honestly not sure how it all would have gone otherwise! We felt calm, confident, and prepared as we looked forward to our baby’s arrival, and both felt like we had tools going into it.

The day didn’t end up going like we had ‘planned’: after 22 hours of labor our baby was born by emergency c-section due to decreased fetal heart rate, which was disappointing after all the preparations we made in the hopes of going natural, but as we delivered him we discovered he had a true knot in his cord.

We were grateful to get our baby here safely, and I’m glad we proceeded through the pregnancy with the confidence that everything would work out for the best! If I had worried the whole time about worst case scenarios, my pregnancy and labor would have been so scary!

Instead we made confident choices as we were presented with them, and just the ability to let go of my idea of how things were going to go (it was a great birth plan that I still hope to follow in the future!) and not feel ruined or broken afterwards has been a huge blessing. There were definitely scary moments, but it was still overall a positive experience.

I am still amazed at how comfortably I was able to labor at home through regular surges right off the bat for 13 hours using my hypnobirthing techniques. I didn’t even feel like I was in labor in between surges, so much that I was worried they might not take me seriously when we did finally go in to labor and delivery–but I was at 7 cm!

My husband was an awesome support, taking the Daddy-Doula skills we learned in class and really going for it. I was so proud of him. My midwife and doctor were both optimistic about a VBAC so that is our hope for next time, definitely with the help of hypnobirthing!

Keep doing what you are doing, and thanks again!”

Andrea and Justin Graf

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