Alycia’s First Birth: Unmedicated hospital birth, 9 lb baby, no tearing!

October 13, 2011

On Wednesday the 14th of September I cleaned my house all day. Around 3:00 pm I went out to helped in the groom shop and I groomed a dog. I was done grooming, and was standing talking when my water broke. It was about 4:15 pm. At that time I was not really having contractions. So we stayed home till 6:30. I had tested positive for the group B strep, so my doctor only wanted me to labor at home for two hours. It was raining when we left for the hospital and there was a beautiful rainbow in the sky. The brightest rainbow I had ever seen.

When we got to the hospital my contractions really started. I got checked and I was only dilated to a 5. I had to have an IV with penicillin. I had to wear the monitors for at least 20 minutes and then I could take them off for 40 minutes. Each time I would move or the baby would move I would have to start over. The monitors were very tight and every time I would have a contraction I would throw up. I only got to take them off two times, which made it really hard to do my hypnobirthing.

The baby’s heart was not doing every thing the doctor wanted, she said that it was because I was stressed so the baby was stressed. As soon as I really started doing the hypnobirthing breathing and calmed down the baby calmed down also. It was amazing. I’m not going to say that it did not hurt but it was not an unbearable pain. If I really tried to focus only on my hypnobirthing it was so much better. I really feel like it works. At some points I felt like I was not even there. I feel like if I did not have to have the monitors and IV that it could have been even less painful. The whole time the medicine was going in through the IV it was burning so bad that it hurt more than the contractions.

I got checked again around 10:00 pm and I was dilated to a 6. I felt like I should have been further along. My surges were getting stronger and closer together. I worked to stay calm. Steve would rub my arm and back. He was so sweet I could not have done it with out him.

Around 2:00 am I really felt like I needed to go to the bathroom. I know they say when you feel this is when you are dilated to a 10. I really thought I just needed to go to the bathroom, but I could not go. My surges were one minute apart and felt like they lasted forever. I called the nurse. She said I was fully dilated and could start pushing. This was the part that of which I was the very most scared. The nurse said that if I pushed I would feel better because of the counter pressure, so, I did push and she was right. It felt so good to be able to do something for the pain. I continued my hynobirthing. Steve was right by my side the whole time. He helped hold my leg and said encouraging things. It was easy at first and I did not feel a lot of pain. About an hour into pushing the doctor came. The closer I got the more it hurt but it still was not an unbearable pain.

At the end I was in a dreamy like state, as her head came out I remember screaming. There was a stinging feeling. I almost felt like I was high, as if I knew every one was there and I was going to see my baby soon, like I was in a dream. When she came out they put her on my chest. She was kind of purple and would not open her eyes very good. As soon as I said her name she opened her eyes and looked at me as if she really knew who I was. Steve was talking to her too. He put his hand out and she grabbed his finger. It was so sweet.

Our little girl was finally here. She was born on September 15 at 4:17 and weighed 8lb 15oz 20″ long. She is perfect. We stayed in that room until about 5:30 am, then, I took a shower and Steve took Addyson to have her first bath. They took us to another room where Steve took a nap and I just watch them both sleep. I have always loved Steve but something about having a baby together, it changes every thing. I love them both so much. I could not imagine my life with out them.

We love her so much. I feel like it was so much better to have had her naturally. I would not have a baby any other way. It was amazing and I feel like it brought Steve and I closer. I love them both so much. All and all I was in labor for 12 hours and did not have any ‘pain medication and I did not tear. And Addyson got a 9 on her APGAR.

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