Aja’s third birth: Escapes induction; completely unmedicated hospital birth; breathes baby out

September 9, 2012

I was pregnant with my third baby.  After two inductions with pitocin & epidural’s I was very interested in other ways to deliver this baby.  My husband Mike & I had seen, ” The Business of Being Born” and we’re shocked and grateful our two older daughters had come safely into the world even with so many interventions.

We decided to sign up for a HynoBirthing class with Lauralyn Curtis.   Mike & I were fascinated with all we had learned & decided immediately this was the route we were going to take.  I am so glad Mike was on board because when I first mentioned to him about natural birth he was not so sure.  The class opened our eyes to the way birth could be.

We were using a CNM this time and knew we wanted to deliver in a hospital.  My midwife was supportive of our wishes such as delayed cord clamping, no wiping of vernix, breathing baby down & so on.  We started talking about the delivery at every appt. & were getting so excited for the big day.

After a month of high blood pressure readings I was put on bed rest at 32 weeks.  My dreams of un-medicated birth and not being induced were put on hold.  My bp kept rising and if it didn’t go down I would have to be induced.  Most likely asked to take pain meds to keep my bp down. I couldn’t believe it, I was crushed.  I tried not to stress & stayed relaxed.  If I rested my bp would stay low.  Most of all I wanted my baby girl to be healthy & receive her needed time to cook in the safety of my womb.

I was having practice surges from about 24 weeks on & as my due date drew nearer I had them often.  Nothing but practice surges but they were frequent.  I had put off being induced at 37 weeks then 38 weeks but my midwife worked under an Ob because of me being high risk and he wanted the baby out!  We set an induction date for two days before my guess date.  I prayed & prayed to go into labor on my own.  My 39 week appt. was on a Friday, I was at a 2 & 80% thinned out.  My midwife told me to come back the following Wednesday and she would sweep my membranes to try and get things started at home.

After my Wednesday appt. I felt nothing!  No practice surges, cramping, zero!  I went to bed & woke up the next day & at 9 am I felt my first practice surge in a few days.   Nothing new I thought so I fed my girls breakfast and we hung out at home.  Another practice surge and another.  I started timing them & they were 30 min. apart.  I called Mike & told him about the surges and also about some bloody show I was experiencing.  He asked if he should come home & I told him, no.  I didn’t think I was in labor.

Hours passed & I kept getting the surges about every 10 min.  It was 4 pm in the afternoon & I had been busy cleaning trying to get ready for our induction Friday morning.  I hadn’t taken my bp all day and when I did about 4 o’clock it was sky high.  I was worried about my baby & called my midwives’ office.  She told me to come in and just be monitored for awhile.  This was nothing new to me because I had non stress tests weekly along with an ultrasound to check my placenta.

I called Mike & he was a good 45 min. away from home.  I started panicking just a little and decided I should pack a hospital bag just in case.

When he came I was nervous and excited! I could tell he was too, he thought this was it for sure. I thought we would be coming home after the baby was monitored.  The trip to the hospital was a short one but my surges were getting close, about every 3 min.  Some where taking my breath away.  It was about 6 pm when we arrived at the hospital.  They checked my bp, which was still high, and monitored the baby.  She sounded great so I relaxed a bit. My midwife checked my cervix and I was at a 5!  I was in active labor and we were staying!

After a hep-loc and some anti-biotics for Strep B, Mike & I started walking to get things moving along.  The surges were definitely getting stronger & I was getting more uncomfortable.  We would walk & stop with a surge and breathe.  This went on for about an hour or so.  We walked back to our room and I had a little bit of granola bar and some water.  I was feeling a bit nauseous and did not want to eat.  At this time I was talking with Mike & some family and enjoying their company. Within minutes I was having surges about every minute & a half and did not want to talk any more.  I walked around quietly swaying with my surges.

I decided to sit on the birthing ball & found great comfort from some of the back labor I was having.  I swayed round & round breathing and relaxing while Mike did light touch massage.  My midwife also did some pressure point techniques as well.  It was about 9 pm and I needed to change my position.  My midwife filled the tub and after a quick bp reading and babies heartbeat monitored I was in the tub.

Mike & I sat in the quiet bathroom alone.  The sound of the jets were calming and the lights were off.  I had surge after surge and just stayed quiet.  My midwife came in to check on us and see how I was feeling.  The tub felt good and I could feel the baby getting closer & closer.  Another half hour or so went on and I wanted to change my position in the tub.  I was getting surge after surge.  It felt like I wasn’t getting a break at all.  I was getting nervous, this was getting really intense and I felt a little scared.  Mike & my midwife told me I was almost there.   My midwife told me I was probably transitioning and it was going to be soon.

I wanted out of the tub.  I was hot and having surge on top of surge.  Mike helped me back to the bed & my midwife checked my cervix.  I was 9 Cm.  Had I really been doing this?  I was so proud of myself.  I couldn’t believe I had gotten to a 9!  Time passed like a blink of an eye.  Although it had been several hours it felt as if time didn’t exist.

My surges were strong!  I couldn’t catch my breath in between them.  I tried to concentrate on The Birth Year tracks playing.  I was listening to my body.  It was time to push.  I felt nervous to push but knew that the sooner my little girl was here the sooner I would feel better.  I breathed her down with every surge.  Little by little I could feel her getting closer.  I could feel the ring of fire as her head started to come.  My body stopped surging for what felt like a lifetime.  I tried not to move while I waited.  Finally, a surge came and I breathed her little body out of me.

My baby was laid on my chest.  I could not believe she was here!  She was perfect!

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