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How do I sign up for Curtis Method Hypnobirthing Classes?

Browse our upcoming class schedule below and choose the location and dates that work best for you. If you will be gone during one or more of the scheduled sessions, you can make them up at a later date. Click on the class that you want to join in the drop-down menu below and pay your deposit to hold your place. Hypnobirthing Utah classes fill quickly, so reserve your spot ASAP. If the class you want is already full, feel free to email us about joining our waiting list.

Who should take Curtis Method Hypnobirthing Classes?

Expecting moms and partners who want to learn to have an easier, safer, more comfortable childbirth. The cost of the class is for one expecting mom and a companion.

When in my pregnancy should I take the classes?

You can begin the classes any time during your pregnancy, as early as you are able. Somewhere around 18-30 weeks is a good time to start, although we have had couples begin either earlier or later and have wonderful births.

What is the cost?

Class tuition is $230 per couple, which includes all of your class materials. You can pay the full amount up front through Paypal, OR just pay the $50 deposit and the remainder will be due by the first class. Cash, Cards and Checks are acceptable, although there is a $5 credit card processing fee. Returning Hypnobirthing Utah clients receive a $50 discount! You can come back with future pregnancies and re-take the Hypnobirthing course for $180 total.

How many classes are there?

Hypnobirthing classes are held once per week for five weeks. Each class is 3 hours, with a break halfway through to mingle and eat. See the class schedule below for our dates and locations.

What should I bring to class?

You should wear comfortable clothing and bring a water bottle to drink from. Also bring pillows and cushions and/or a mat to use for the relaxation sessions.

How do I confirm that I’ve registered?

Once you’ve paid the deposit, that’s it! You’re signed up! You should get an email receipt from Paypal confirming your payment was processed successfully. One week before class begins, we will send out a welcome email to the whole group with all the info you’ll need to prepare for class.

Salt Lake City Classes 

SATURDAY AFTERNOONS from 1:30 – 4:30 PM at Salt Lake Prenatal Massage 4568 S. Highland Dr. Suite 245, Salt Lake City, UT:

  • August 1, 8, 15, 22, 29  ONE SPOT LEFT
  • September 12, 19, 26, October 3, 10

SATURDAY EVENINGS from 6:30 – 9:30 PM at Salt Lake Prenatal Massage 

  • August 22, 29, September 5, 12, 19  TWO SPOTS LEFT
  • November 7, 14, 21, 28, Dec 5

Pleasant Grove Classes

TUESDAYS from 6:30 – 9:30 PM at 1143 E 30 S Pleasant Grove UT, 84062 

  • September 1, 8, 15, 22, 29  THREE SPOTS LEFT
  • October 6, 13, 20, 27, November 3

Choose your desired class and pay your deposit here:

Your payment with any major credit or debit card will be processed securely through PayPal. (no account is required)

Daddy Doula Trainings

One of the Four Pillars of Curtis Method Hypnobirthing is our Daddy Doula Training. This training is part of your Curtis Method Hypnobirthing class series, and is available only to our CMHB couples. Each week we teach birth partners some of our best doula secrets, and our final class (Week Five) is a three-hour training aimed at teaching Daddies and birth companions lots of hands-on labor support skills so they know exactly what to do on the Big Day.

HOW MUCH: Daddy Doula Training is included in the cost of your CM Hypnobirthing classes!

Topics covered include:

  • 10580028_10152647155477209_1317561540843905721_nOptimal Fetal Positioning: Get your baby in the best possible position for labor. Babies fit into the pelvis like a key into a lock, and getting them lined up properly before labor begins is the KEY to an easier, safer, more comfortable birth.
  • Acupressure for pregnancy and labor: Acupressure can stimulate the release of endorphins and help strengthen and regulate contractions.
  • Counter Pressure for back labor and pain relief.
  • Basic Rebozo techniques to help turn baby into the best position for birthing.
  • Safe, proper use of essential oils for labor
  • Light-Touch Massage, scalp massage, hand and foot massage techniques to pamper mama during pregnancy, labor, birth, and post-partum. This stuff feels gooooood!
  • Physiological birth positions: Learn how the female body was designed to give birth, and how to work with gravity more effectively to get that baby out!
  • How to create a birth Environment that is Quiet, Intimate, Physiological, Patient, Empowering, and Dark (or Dim).
  • Packing your ToolBox: What to bring to your birth location.
  • Birth rehearsal: hands-on practice of your new birthing tools!
  • Placenta Encapsulation and supporting the new mother.

Confident Birth Fear Release Session

Designed to help birthing couples move beyond fear and approach their Birth Love Stories with confidence, excitement, and peace, this three hour class is open to all birthing mothers regardless of how they are preparing to give birth.

The class will include:

  • The nature of FEAR and how it affects birth
  • The “Five Fundamental Fears” and how to move beyond them
  • Top Ten Affirmations for a Positive Birth
  • How to write your own affirmations
  • Journaling exercise to explore and address your personal birthing fears and worries, while affirming your hopes and preferences.
  • In-depth Fear Release Hypnosis Session, specifically created to help you identify, accept and release any fears, doubts, worries, and negative thoughts that may be holding you back from enjoying your best birth. 

This Fear Release Class is designed to be beneficial for ALL types of birth: home or hospital, vaginal or surgical, natural or medicated. You’ll leave feeling lighter, free-er, more relaxed and self-assured. Your mind will be clearer and your path will seem brighter as we move beyond the burdens of fear and anxiety. You’ll go home with mental and emotional tools that you can use to help you have a joyful pregnancy, confident birth, an easier postpartum recovery, and a more fearless life!

The cost is $50 per couple. Moms can attend on their own, or with their birth partner (at no extra charge). Doulas and midwives are also invited and encouraged to attend.

Please wear comfortable clothes and bring pillows and a blanket to use for relaxation. Bring a water bottle to drink from, and a snack to share with the group! We’ll have a break halfway through, and refreshments and mingling afterwards.

Upcoming Fear Release Group Sessions:

  • Tuesday, August 4th from 6:30 – 9:30 PM at 1143 E 30 S Pleasant Grove UT, 84062.


Positive Childbirth Support and Discussion Group

When: The third Thursday of each month from 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM (but we like to stay late and chat afterwards!)

Where: Lauralyn Curtis’s home in Pleasant Grove

Who: Expecting moms and dads, doulas, birth professionals, birth junkies, etc…

Cost: FREE! Just bring a treat or snack to share with the group.

We believe that every woman deserves a positive birth. But what does this mean?

A positive birth means a birth in which a woman feels she has freedom of choice, access to accurate information, and that she is in control, powerful and respected. A birth that she approaches, perhaps with some trepidation, but without fear or dread, and that she then goes on to enjoy, and later remember with warmth and pride.

A positive birth does not have to be ‘natural’ or ‘drug free’ – it simply has to be informed from a place of positivity as opposed to fear. The Positive Birth Movement is woman-centered and as such respects a woman’s human right to choose where and how she has her baby.

You can birth with positivity in hospital or at home, with or without medical intervention. You can have a positive caesarian, or a positive home water birth. Positive Birth is about approaching birth realistically, having genuine choice, and feeling empowered by your experience.

The Positive Birth Movement believes that communication is the key to shaking up birth. By coming together, in real life and online, and sharing experiences, feelings, knowledge and wisdom, women can take back childbirth.

They are a place for ALL pregnant women – regardless of their background, experience or choices – to come together and share experiences, thoughts, feelings and insight about childbirth. Bring something yummy to share!

Positive Birth Groups aim to be a helpful part of your pregnancy; a warm and welcoming place to hear stories and ideas, to consider what you really want from your childbirth experience, and to challenge any fears or negative expectations you might have.

Positive Birth Groups aim to complement your existing prenatal input and they do not seek to replace medical advice. Before taking any action based on information you have received in a Positive Birth group, please speak to your Health Care Professional.

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