Hypnobirthing Childbirth Education Classes in Utah County and Salt Lake City

Certified Hypnobirthing Instructor, Doula and Hypnotist Lauralyn Curtis has taught Hypnobirthing classes to over 850 couples in Utah and Salt Lake Counties, with overwhelmingly positive birth outcomes. Our classes are an updated approach to the hypnobirthing philosophy, based on our experience of what WORKS in birth:

  • Hypnotic Anesthesia
  • Open-eyes Hypnosis
  • Instant relaxation cues to help you go into your hypnosis quickly and easily
  • Fear Release and Affirmation scripts and techniques
  • Powerful breathing techniques to create calm, reduce stress and fear, and increase the comfort of birth
  • Labor Massage
  • Counter pressure (A doula secret to increase labor comfort)
  • Acupressure (learn the points on the body that stimulate labor and release endorphins)
  • Optimal Fetal Positioning: Help your baby turn into the best birth position, before labor begins! These techniques alone can shave HOURS off your labor!
  • Techniques for preventing and relieving “back labor”
  • How to protect your pelvic floor during pregnancy and during birth
  • Creating a peaceful “Birthing Nest” in the Hospital, Birth Center or at home.
  • Birth positions: Working with gravity, following your natural birthing instincts
  • Creating an effective birth plan

How do I sign up for Hypnobirthing Utah classes? 


260676_501934966_6758389_nPercentage of Hypnobirthing Utah couples reporting:

  • NO pain medications or epidural: 82%
  • NO episiotomy: 94%
  • NO elective medical labor induction (induction without medical need): 92%
  • NO labor augmentation with pitocin: 92%
  • NO c-section: 90%
  • Natural Birth in a Hospital 78% (of hospital-birthing couples)
  • Out-of-hospital births (Birth center or Home birth): 40%
  • Midwife or Certified Nurse Midwife attended births: 75%


Testimonials from Hypnobirthing Utah Parents

Hypno-Curious? We invite you to read our testimonials, at the link above, to hear what parents are saying about Hypnobirthing Utah. You are also invited to join our thriving, active online community of more than 1,3oo members. Meet Instructor Lauralyn Curtis, read our wonderful birth stories and watch some amazing birth videos; Ask questions about birth, babies, and breastfeeding; Get reviews and recommendations for local hospitals, birth centers, OBs, midwives, and other birth professionals who are supportive of Hypnobirthing. Request to join here: Hypnobirthing Utah Facebook Group.